Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Best Cleaner Fix

Evenin All

 It's Glen here with a new post using the great products from ScraPerfect! I found this little cigar box in a thrift store and thought it would make a nice change and keys box for a man. The problem was that the whole thing was covered in decals that wouldn't come off  easily.

 I grabbed my bottle of Best Cleaner Ever and applied some to all the decals on the box and let it sit for a while, after that it was much easier to peel the decals off using a sharp edge. I couldn't even do this before I applied the BCE to the labels.

So, as you can see it made a easy cleanup of my box and now I had a clean surface to work from and now I could begin decorating the box. I start by using the Best Glue Ever to apply the papers I selected for the front of the box, then begin to apply other embellishments and inks to the papers.

I hope you enjoyed this post today, be sure to check out the other posts on this blog and be sure to check out the great products from ScraPerfect.


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