Saturday, May 9, 2015

Foil Accents

Foiling is really hot right now in papercrafting.  But you don't need all those fancy and expensive laminators to do foil. All you need is a bottle of the Best Glue Ever, ScraPerfect's Transfer Foil, and a brayer.

For this layout I used a clear stamp and a plastic stencil with my brayer.  To apply the glue I squeezed a small amount onto a scrap piece of backing paper then rolled my brayer into the glue and then onto my stamp or stencil. 

The brayer doesn't neatly fill in a stencil like a brush does, so I got almost the outline of the pattern.  Clear stamps will give you a similar result.  If you want nice, solid lines I'd recommend pulling out your rubber stamps.

The important thing to remember is have some water nearby and clean off all your tools right away.  The Best Glue Ever is water soluable when wet, and very easy to rinse off.  Missed a spot? Don't worry, a little spritz of the Best Cleaner Ever will remove any lingering glue.

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