Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Best Glue Ever for Pocket Embellishments

Who loves pocket page scrapbooking? I do!

I love filling my pockets with all sorts of cool things, in addition to all the cards that are out there.  However, it does bring new challenges in using and adhering embellishments.  Your pocket pages will get more abuse in an album than an album filled with traditional scrapbook pages because those seams act like mini hinges. The pocket page protectors will tend to flop around more.

One way to ensure your pages stay intact is to use the Best Glue Ever - especially for your embellishments.  Here's two ways I like to use it with my page protectors.

First -- adhering "floating" embellishments.  I like the look of loose items inside a pocket, but loose items often don't stay inside the pocket.  Since the Best Glue Ever dries clear, I use small drops around my embellishment and adhere it to the inside of the pocket.

On this wooden embellishment I placed a series of small drops around the circle. I then used my finger tip to wipe the glue flat.  It dries quick and tacky, which lets me slide it carefully inside a pocket.

The glue wasn't 100% dry yet (I'm impatient), but you can see how clear it is from the back.  Now my heart can float inside the circle freely, but the circle won't leave the pocket.

The second way is to glue items directly to the outside of a pocket, such as flair.  Flair tends to be bulky and heavy (as far as embellishments go), so I usually add a bit more glue to the back.

Once the glue has dried (clear and tacky again),  I can place my flair directly on the outside of the pocket.  The Best Glue Ever is strong -- the flair won't budge. Or fall off.

How do you like to use the Best Glue Ever?

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