Tuesday, April 14, 2015

ScraPerfect's DIY Altered Tin Can Holder using Best Cleaner and Glue Ever


     Good Morning Y'all!
          Today this weeks project share is a Tin Can/ office supplies holder.  I first got this idea from Xannero1 on Youtube. So I made one right after I had seen her project and I put mine on one of those spice rack turners. You can find one at a local grocery store, pretty inexpensive.  My friend came over the other day and saw it and asked me if I could make one for her boss, she said she didn't have a lot of room on her desk, if I could make her a smaller one. So I let her go into my can stash and see what papers she wanted to use and cans. Here are the steps of  how I made this one for her boss.
1. First , I washed them in the dishwasher. Then,I used my ScraPerfect Best Cleaner ever and sprayed the cans on the outside to get the left over glue gunk that the labels were stuck too. Let it sit for 10 min. and then used a small nail brush and scrubbed most of it off and set aside to dry.  I apologize I don't have a picture because I originally was making a tutorial video and then the battery pack broke. So after that I had to use my camera. 
 2. Then I applied two coats of white gesso to the top edges of the can as shown below.

3. While the gesso was drying I cut my papers to fit the cans. I measured each one with a sewing tape measure to get the circumference then I cut the papers with my paper cutters.
Then I distressed them with Tea dye stain.

4. The cans were dry and then I was able to use washi tape on the the edges. Now washi tape doesn't stick so well so I use my Best Glue Ever to make sure it adheres on to the can properly. I did this by using a small amount of Best Glue Ever on the lip and outter edge and inner edge and then make sure tape is in the middle of the lip and fold down on both sides as shown below.


5. For the final steps add Best Glue Ever on the inside and align the canvas paper on the inside and then hold down and mold it into place. Then on the outside again place the Best Glue ever on the outside and then lay paper down and smooth with your hands or bone folder. Then add on your embellishments.

6.  I almost forgot, the most important part, I added Best glue ever to the inside of the ribbon on the darkest part, not the sheer part or it will bleed through.  I made small tiny glue dropplets all on the top and bottom pink silky part of the ribbon, wait 5 to 10 min to dry clear and then I tied it on and used my bone folder to get it into the corners. Then Voila!! Its all done!

Thank you for letting me share my project with you. I hope to see yours too if you decide to make one of your own. Have a wonderful crafty week! Huggles. If you would like to see my other projects please check out my youtube and other social media sites :)
Also, please feel free to offer any suggestions or comments I love hearing from you!!!

Supply list:

ScraPerfect Best Cleaner Ever
ScraPerfect Best Glue Ever
Assortment of Tin cans
Washi Tape
Burlap Paper
Decorative papers
Assortment of Embellishments

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