Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Best Glue for Embellishments

What's the best way to add embellishments to a project? Use the Best Glue Ever! The fine tip lets you make thin lines and tiny dots to add hard-to-adhere items such as ribbon and sequins.

On this layout I wanted to add a ribbon separating two pieces of pattern paper.  I used the Best Glue Ever to make a thin line on my paper and let it dry until tacky.  Once it was tacky I added the ribbon for a completely no-show adhesive.  The glue will never bleed through your ribbon.

And the fine tip lets you add tiny dots easily to your project.  I placed dots around my layout where I wanted to add sequins. 

Just one tiny dot is all you need to hold your embellishment.  Here's my finished layout -

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