Friday, March 13, 2015

Storage Box Transformation : Lid

Good Morning ScraPerfect Friends! Chelsea here to share an update on the transformation of my fishing tackle box. I would like to share with you how I decorated the lid to my new storage container. 

Products Used : Best Glue Ever & Embellie Gellie 

Step 1 : Attaching Paper Pieces and Cardstock layers: Using small dabs of BGE on the back of each of my cut out letters I adhered them on to the 'shadow' cardstock right away.  Not allowing the BGE to dry clear as we do sometimes. While the glue is still wet you have a little wiggle room if you don't place it down correctly the first time. I used the Embellie Gellie to move the letters into their correct places. 
** Please note that if you allow the glue to dry clear and tacky before applying it to your project it will be permanent vs applying while the glue is still white and wet which causes it to be removable for a few seconds.**

Next I applied a thin layer of BGE onto each of my rectangle layer pieces. I again attached the patterned paper while the glue was still white and wet. Although the pink cardstock was directly attached to the storage container I let it dry clear and tacky to ensure a strong permanent bond.

Step 2 : Attaching ribbon: To attach my ribbon I placed a thin layer of BCE on all 4 sides of my containers top outer edge. Using my finger I spread the BGE evenly and let it dry completely clear and tacky. 
**It is very important when working with ribbon that you always apply the BGE on the project and not the ribbon itself as the wetness from the glue will leave wet dark marks on the ribbon even after is has dried.** 

When I reached each corner I folded the ribbon 90 degrees to create the corner ribbon turn. 

Step 3 : Attaching Gem Embellishments: I purchased these self adhesive gems but, of course, the adhesive was not strong enough to stick and stay stuck to my ribbon. I used BGE on the back of each gem again letting it dry clear and tacky before placing them on the ribbon. VOILA!

Check back late March for the finished storage container project! 

Thanks for stopping by!

Chelsea :) 

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