Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Custom Made Dividers for Craft Storage Container

Good Morning ScraPerfect Friends! Chelsea here to share a project I am working on. I am creating a custom craft storage container. It is a recycled fishing tackle box which has no dividers. I decided to turn this into my ScraPerfect Storage Container. It will hold all the products neatly and easily but the storage container itself needed a crafty touch.

Today I am going to show you how I created my easy custom dividers. I borrowed a plastic divider from another container and traced it onto a piece of cardboard as many times as I could, until the cardboard was completely full. I am recycling used cereal boxes for this project. You will require two cardboard cut outs of your traced plastic divider for each crafted divider you are making.

Once the plastic divider has been traced onto the cereal box, cut out each traced piece. Using the printed side of the cardboard I apply the BGE thinly on only one of the two cut outs needed to make each individual divider. If you are not using a cereal box and your cardboard is plain on both sides it does not matter which side of the cardboard you place the BGE on. Next attach two of the cut outs together directly on top of each other. One piece with BGE on and one without. Give this a few minute to dry.

 To add a crafty feel I use washi tape as an accent on the custom made dividers. 

Watch the progress of this revamp project through the month of March as I transform this drab looking fishing tackle box into a useful craft storage container for all my ScraPerfect products.

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