Monday, February 23, 2015

Stamping On Ribbon Using the Perfect Crafting Pouch

Good Morning ScraPerfect friends. Chelsea here to share a quick tip on how to stamp on ribbon. 

All you will need is the Perfect Crafting Pouch, your favorite inks, stamps and ribbon! 

I will be sharing how I stamped on silk ribbon and a ribbed patterned ribbon to show you that even textured ribbon can be stamped on, using the Perfect Crafting Pouch. 

Step 1 :  Prepare your ribbon by swiping the Perfect Crafting Pouch across your ribbon evenly.

Step 2 : Ink your favorite stamps.  It is best to use a permanent ink rather than a pigment ink.  

Step 3 : Now let's stamp that ribbon. The best way to stamp onto ribbon is a quick down and up motion without any rocking of the stamp. This will minimize smudging of the image. This would happen more on silk ribbon than a ribbed ribbon. 

As you can see the image is crisp and clean. Regardless if it is a large stamp or a thin dashed-line stamp.
The Perfect Crafting Pouch allows you to decorate any ribbon quickly, easily and mess free. 

The Perfect Crafting pouch also allows the ink to dry instantly. This allows you to use your newly decorated ribbon quickly and easily. I am able to rub my finger over the stamped image and no ink is being transferred onto my skin.

Now that you have your gorgeous newly decorated ribbon, some ways you can use it are: paper crafting such as scrapbook pages or home made greeting cards, gift wrapping (stamp it to match your themed paper), glass wear (jazz up that plain vase!) just to name a few ideas to get you started.

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Thanks for stopping by, see you next time!

Chelsea :)    

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