Saturday, January 3, 2015

BGE : Fabric to Metal Fix

Good Morning and Happy New Year ScraPerfect friends! Chelsea here, I have a quick fix using the Best Glue Ever for you! Let's jump right into the project.

I have here one of my all time favorite headbands but the fabric has started to pull away. The adhesive is still tacky underneath the ribbon fabric but no matter how hard I press the ribbon fabric will not stay stuck! 

To begin, I add a small even amount of BGE in a line, on the metal headband surface, letting it dry clear. Due to the small amount of BGE used it only takes a few minutes for this process.

Once the glue has dried clear I press my fabric piece into the tacky clear glue for an instant bond.

My headband is brand new again!

Try something new this year, and let us know what household fixes you fix with the BGE on our facebook page!

Chelsea :)

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