Wednesday, January 28, 2015

How to Make a Gorgeous Valentine Lip Gloss Holder.

Hello Everyone, I'm here today to show you how to make a gorgeous Valentine's lip gloss holder. This would be a perfect project for the kids school Valentine parties and 'Chapstick' could be used instead. I think the teachers could even appreciate this sweet little gift.

Here are the beginning materials used:

I was anxious to try the Perfect Crafting Pouch since I was going to be embossing. Of course Scraperfect's Best Glue Ever was a must to use to insure everything is going to hold up.

Above is the finished piece. I used the Perfect Crafting Pouch to wipe the cardstock before stamping and writing using my embossing 'ink'. By using this product, I had absolutely NO loose embossing powder anywhere, so once it was heat set, it was perfectly done. Loved not worrying about having to remove stray powder. The light colored cardstock is speckled, so, the flecks are supposed to be there...hehehehe. I used The Best Glue Ever to attach the embossed pieces to the mats...then the mats were pop dotted to give some dimension. The ribbon ties the sweet card closed to finish it.

The inside of the card shows the lip gloss held nicely in place. More embossed accents inside as well as a bottom tag holder with 3 cute little tags that could be used to write a sentiment or a sweet little message or even a note from the sender.

The little tags are topped with a punched heart to carry the Valentine theme.

This was a fun project to do and again, what a great little gift idea. The Scraperfect Perfect Crafting Pouch and Scraperfect Best Glue Ever, came in so handy on this sweet little project. I hope you enjoy it, and come back to see more.

Monday, January 26, 2015

This Time It's Personal

Evenin All
 It's Glen here with a new project as the snow flies sideways and the wind blows fiercely! I am sharing a very personal project for me, years ago when I was a serious painter I took portrait classes and as a gift for my parents 50th anniversary I painted a double portrait of them based on an old photo I always liked from the time I was young.

 The photo I copied and put in a picture frame that dad got as a security guard for BAE systems on Long Island and decided to decorate it so it could be displayed on the wall beside my painting.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Altered Book Box and Tag Album

Hey there!  Robin here with another Design Team project for ScraPerfect.
IMG_0070 IMG_0077
The project was created using the Best Glue Ever and Embellie Gellie from ScraPerfect.  First, I covered the entire book box with design paper.  Next, I started to add my embellishments using the embellie gellie.
IMG_0081 IMG_0082
After the box was complete, I cut card stock and design paper and adhered to both sides of each of the tags for the tag album.  Everything was adhered using the best glue ever.  These products were vital to my project.  Below are a couple of pictures of the finished product.  Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you enjoy this project!

IMG_0084 IMG_0085 IMG_0086IMG_0087

Friday, January 23, 2015

Rhinestone Covered Beads with Best Glue Ever!

Good Morning ScraPerfect Friends! Chelsea here to share with you a lovely rhinestone covered bead for earrings, pendants, zipper pulls or any other creative project.  With my finished rhinestone covered beads I created a set of earrings using the Best Glue Ever and Embellie Gellie. 

Here are the supplies you will need :

Best Glue Ever
Embellie Gellie
Soccer Ball Style Large Beads

I had some large black acrylic beads in my bead stash collection that looked a little drab and plain. Normally a person would grab their jewelry glue but it's full of toxins and fumes. I had never thought to use the BGE in a jewelry project before but wanted to give it a try. 

To begin, I placed small dabs of glue everywhere that I wanted to attach a rhinestone too. Letting the glue dry clear and tacky. 

Once the glue was tacky; which only took a few minutes, I used my Embellie Gellie to pick up each of the rhinestones to place them on the clear tacky glue spots. 

*NOTE : I am working on a beading mat which is like a foam piece of fabric. I was completely impressed that even on a soft surfaces the Embellie Gellie still was able to grab on and lift up the rhinestones! I was even able to use the Embellie Gellie to flip over the upside down rhinestones - Quickly and easily. 

This is what my new rhinestone covered beads looks like.

After turning my drab, plain beads into gorgeous rhinestone covered beads I decided to make them into a pair of earrings.  Here are the completed earrings. Fabulous for a night on the town! 

Thanks for stopping by! 

Chelsea :)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Winter Wonderland

Good morning ScraPerfect friends, Steph Ackerman here today with some snow fun cards.   Winter has finally  hit New York, so I pulled out some winter stamps from Rubber Dance Art Stamps and created these cards. 

I've used the Winter Wonderland Stamp set, stamping the background randomly with the snowflake stamp.   I wanted to dress them up a little, so I added Robin's Nest dew drops around the cards.

Using the Best Glue Ever, I placed drops of glue around the snowflakes and used the Embellie Gellie to pick up the Robin's Nest dew drops and set them in place.

The Embellie Gellie is a must have in your craft room.  It makes picking up those little gems so much easier.

Thanks for stopping by today.


Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sweet Paper Pocket

Sweet Mini Wallet by Brenda

Hi everyone, today I have tried my hand using the Scraperfect Best Glue Ever and Scraperfect Foil. I must say, it was very easy to use.

Once I decided what I was making, I wanted to accent my project with the foils. First I applied Scraperfect Best Glue Ever to the areas I wanted to foil.....let it dry (you can tell it's ready once the glue turns clear). I then chose my foil color (which I had 8 colors to choose from), and keeping the colored side up, I placed the foil on the glue, rubbed it with my finger and quickly removed the foil sheet. I got creative and used the red AND the gold to give it a dimensional look. Love how it turned out.

I also wanted to see how the foil would do if I used it with double sided tape. I place a line of tape on the front and used a gold foil sheet to add the flashy gold strip.

The Sweet Mini Wallet opens to hold two pocket pages which both house cute little tags. Pictures and or valentines can be put in to the pockets.

What a fun little project and just in time for Valentines Day. I love how the Scraperfect Best Glue Ever and Scraperfect Foil made this Mini Wallet come together so easily.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my Sweet Mini Wallet. Try your hand using Scraperfect Best Glue Ever and Scraperfect Foil to give your projects that little something extra.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Embellie Gellie: for Hobby Miniatures, too!

 Evenin All

  It's Glen here with a new use for ScraPerfect's Embellie Gellie! This one is for the hobbyists as it involves painting figures. My brother and I are gamers from way back, we played Dungeons and Dragons and other Role Playing Games like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, etc. I was also an avid military modeler and painted figures for dioramas. That's the back story, this past Xmas my brother bought me a new board game based on the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, one of my favorites. This game involves plastic figures and horrible monsters that cry out to be painted.

   But it's hard to paint figures these days not only because I haven't done it in years but also because my big fingers are in the way. I was getting frustrated when I thought of a great idea! I took some of the awesome Embellie Gellie and built it up on the end of a skewer stick until it held the figure from underneath and allowed me to steady my brush hand and still hold the stick!

 So as you can see this was a real breakthrough for me and made the painting process much more fluid and enjoyable!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hey.  Robin here with a vertical paper bag mini album.  This is made using a 12x12 paper pad from Best Occasions called The Punch Out Pack.  I have had it for several years and decided to get it out and put it to use.
I assembled the chipboard covers and spine with the Best Glue Ever.  I covered the spine and covers with craft cardstock and used brown paper bags from Hobby Lobby.  I followed a video on YouTube for the layout design but used different embellishments, which are all placed perfectly with the Embellie Gellie.
Next, I decorated the pages with the designer paper and started working on the embellishments.  The Embellie Gellie is a necessity for placing bling, flowers, etc.
The reason I use ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever, is because with all the hard work and time it takes to complete an album like this, I definitely want it to stay together!  I hope you enjoy this mini album.  I love it!

French Shabby Chic Winter Tag

Supply List:

ScraPerfect Best Glue Ever
Any size tag
white poinsettia flower
Christmas tree made with burlap
snowflake embellies
flat back pearls
assortment of ribbons
Seam binding ribbon
cheese cloth
snow tex
assortment of shabby color paints
micro glitter

     Hi Y'all, I hope you are staying warm in your homes this winter, today it is 16 degrees here in Plano, Texas. Whooo, Baby it's cold down south this winter. Well, to keep me from going mad from being indoors I have created this shabby chic winter themed tag for my swap group The Craft Hole on facebook. 
     Our challenge was to use this image and come up with a tag. The first step I made was to find a tag large enough to fit my image. Next, I painted one layer of gesso and then began dry painting with a blue color chalk paint, then used my heat gun to dry, I did the same with my burlap Christmas tree.
    Then I prepared my image by cutting it out and using a distress paper cutter around the edges. I decided to keep it white around the edges since I had lots of blue on the tag already. I then added some snow tex randomly through out the tag and then dusted it with some holographic micro silver glitter.
     This is where it gets fun, I then started to prepare the back of my pieces with my best glue ever and then let it dry till it was tacky, I began to layer the piece to add depth and interest. Burlap tree first, second chesse cloth. I then at this point measured the photo and added the lace at the bottom before placing image on top of the lace, added image on top and then my flat back pearls just below the image on top of the lace. Added the leaves and flower to the left side of the image to balance the weight. If you have too many things in one area people will lose interest, you want the eye to flow all over the piece. For the snow flakes they were plastic buttons so I took my cutting pliers and clipped off the loop on back and then added glue to the back and placed them randomly through out the image.
     Lastly, I added my ribbons and tied them in a basic knot and Voila! My French Shabby Chic Tag is done :)  If you have any questions about how to use this product Amy has some amazing tutorials on this sight, if you click on the product you will see the video tutorials below. If you have any questions for me please comment below or you can see this on my blog and comment on there.
Have an amazing day!!!
   Huggles~ Kimmy

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Winter Penguin Birthday Card!

Good Morning ScraPerfect Friends! Chelsea here with a winter themed birthday card! 

I love when family and friends have birthdays during the winter months because it changes the way you can create their cards! Let's jump into how I made this adorable penguin winter themed birthday card!

Products I used from ScraPerfect were: Best Glue Ever, Best Cleaner Ever, Perfect Crafting Pouch.

The whole inspiration for my card came from a penguin birthday stamp. I built the rest of the card off of this theme. 

Step 1: Preparing my cardstock for stamping/glittering. No matter if I am stamping or glittering a piece of cardstock/paper I always prepare my pages with the Perfect Crafting Pouch. I swipe over each page that I plan to stamp or glitter; in this case I have my snowflake paper, black and white polka dot patterned paper and my white cardstock. The reason I do this step is 1) the PCP dries ink instantly not allowing my stamped image to smudge and that means I can work quicker with my projects. 2) the PCP acts as an anti static bag; allowing only the area of glue to have glitter adhere to it and not all over the rest of the page. Concluding in a nice easy clean up by not having to go back with your figure or brush to brush away those glitter partials. 

Step 2: Stamping images. After using the Perfect Crafting Pouch to prepare my white circle cardstock, I used Stazon black ink to stamp my image. Once my image was stamped I used the Best Cleaner Ever right away on the stamp to clean it. Rubbing in the solution with my finger and using a tissue to remove the ink. 

Step 3: Layering Papers. I love the BGE as when I am layering papers it does not leave bubbles or deform the paper(s) like competitors white glues do. I spread an even amount of BGE over the banner layers (blue Happy Birthday cut out cardstock) using the tip of the BGE bottle. I then adhered the layers together immediately. No waiting necessary.

Step 4: Embellishments. Sometimes certain embellishments can be bulky or heavy for a project; but with the BGE and it's amazing instant bond you don't need to be afraid. Today I used some snowflake  embellishments and a piece of ribbon. When applying the snowflakes I applied a dab of glue to the back of the embellishment and let dry clear so as to be tacky before applying it to the banner. For the ribbon I applied BGE directly to the patterned paper and again let dry tacky clear before attaching the ribbon on top. 

Step 5: Add glitter. This sometimes can be tricky because other brands of glue stay wet for far to long or if you use a glitter glue it takes 24 hours to fully dry! But...not with the BGE! We can apply and glitter within seconds and dries fully within a few minutes! Apply your glue where you would like the glitter to adhere. I dabbed BGE on the polka dots around the edge of each of the scalloped circles. I also added BGE to each of the tips of the snowflake embellishments. Add you glitter immediately after applying BGE.  


Here is my finished card! I love how it turned out! I did use a few 3D BGE dots to lift a few of my layers for added dimension. If you like to know how to create your own 3D BGE dots check out Steph's quick tutorial here

Have a family or friends birthday within the winter months? Have fun with a winter inspired card! Show us your creations on our facebook page!