Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Shabby Chic Chipboard Ornament

     Hi y'all, this is Kim Murray.
  I absolutely love crafting and I wanted to make a special ornament for one of my Swap partners. 
 I started off with just a plain pre-made chipboard ornament. Second I applied my Best Glue Ever sparingly but all over the front of the ornament to make sure that I have no lifting of the paper. I waited about 2 minutes to wait for the glue to become tacky and put my paper in place. Third, I smoothed it down with the edge of my bone folder and then began to dry brush  white Gesso randomly over the decorated music paper. I waited about 1 minute or so for it to dry and then added some light pink acrylic paint also using the dry brush technique. This gives it a very distressed look and does not over power the original design of the decorated paper.   I used some tiny bubble wrap and dipped it in the gesso and applied to the paper to give it a snow ball effect, and again let it dry completely this time.  I then added a coat of Shimmerz antique lace paint over the entire top of the decorated paper to seal it and give it an antique feel to the piece as a whole.

 I used my best glue ever to attach my vintage ribbons, I applied the glue first and then waited about 2-3 minutes for it to become tacky, if you apply too quickly it can go straight through the ribbon. At this point I put it to the side to finish drying and took my winter girl image and some left over cardboard and cut the cardboard to the rectangle shape of the image and then used the Best glue ever to attach the image to the cardboard. I then used my Perfect Crafting Pouch and ran it across the top of the image, I do this because whenever I add glitter to a project I don't want the glitter to stick to everything and the pouch helps prevent that. (It's AWESOME) Then I add tiny dots of glue and then sprinkle glitter atop to give it a snowing effect.  I also apply glue along the four edges/sides of the cardboard and dip it in German crushed glass to give it a beautiful icy effect and then put it aside to dry.

 In the meantime, I take a strand of beads and apply all around the edge of the top of the ornament. Just to add a little more shabby Chic look and also a great way to cover up the edges of the ribbon and seal them to keep from fraying over time.  I go back to the image and then use some pearls and two leaves that I paint over with white gesso and apply best glue ever and sprinkle some iridescent glitter on the top of them to give it a snowed on effect. Then I attach those to the top left hand corner of the image. I put that aside and begin to paint my chipboard embellies with payne's grey acrylic and pink acrylic paint and set aside to dry. Lastly I apply my image on the center of the ornament and then apply the Music note wood embellie's in random areas that are open on the ornament.
Here is an image of my final piece

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