Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas Configuration IV

Evenin All
 It's Glen here with the final?, installment of my project. I used the Best Glue Ever to wrap the battery pack in paper and then adhere it to the back down low to prevent tipping. 

Then I used it to place a compass which I colored with black and red Distress Paint to accentuate it and added a number 25 pin to the center. I take the protective skin off the plastic cover and put it in the cover and then turn my attention to hanging the lantern inside the box. I drive a hole in through the top and glue a ring hanger to the top after fastening it to lantern.

 I could go on and on with this piece, I thought of putting metal corners on the front, and considered making a few Pediments die cuts and adding them to the top. The possibilities are endless but also less is sometimes more. Thanks for stopping by today and be sure to check out the great projects on this blog and

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