Thursday, November 13, 2014

How to CLEAN Polymer Clay residue from Hands: Easy!

Hi All--Amy here!

EACH year I design one holiday card and make many many copies of it for everyone on my list. For his year's card, I needed to make some pieces out of Fimo polymer clay. 

CAN you guess what 
I'm making?

AFTER rolling the clay into thin ropes and shaping the pieces, they were ready to bake.
                                  FIRST, I had to w-a-s-h my hands.

EVEN after soap & water, the black clay residue still remained
on my thumbs and fingers

OUT came the Best Cleaner Ever™, the earth friendly, people safe hand, tool, stamp and brush cleaner. THIS solvent removes stubborn stuff from adhesives to paint, ink, pitch, and more yet has no fumes and is safe for skin!

I just sprayed on and rubbed my hands together like I was applying a hand lotion.

THEN I washed it off with soap and water and VOILA! My hands were sparkling clean!

Have you started to plan your holiday card design(s)????

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