Thursday, October 9, 2014

Stenciling Burlap

I've got a super fun project for you today using burlap.  You can find all sorts of burlap at the craft stores these days.  Recently I saw an add for decorated burlap sheets and I thought why not make my own?

For this project I used a stencil, the Best Glue Ever, a foam brush and a 12" x 12" sheet of burlap, cut into fourths, and black glitter. 

To apply the Best Glue Ever, I use a disposable foam brush (no cleanup!).  If your stencil is thin or has lots of floppy detail, like mine, you'll need to keep one hand on the stencil to hold it steady.  Just pounce the glue all over the stencil.

I made a sample to see how ScraPerfect's foil, glitter and black flocking would look before I started my project.  You can see the black glitter and black flocking really stand out, as well as the blue foil.  The gold and silver - not so much.  Because of the loose weave of the burlap you want something with a lot of contrast.

I decided to use the glitter because it just fit my daughter's personality better.  You can see as I started to shake the glitter it immediately grabbed onto the glue. No rubbing required. And I'd left this burlap sitting for about an hour after I applied the glue before I had a chance to add glitter.  That's one of the best features of the Best Glue Ever - it will remain tacky until you use it.

And here's the finished burlap piece, ready to add to my layout.  I did shake it out onto the paper then press the glittered side into my paper to pick up any extra glitter, mainly to save myself the trouble of shaking it back into the jar.

How cool is that?! I know everyone has bottles of glitter laying around just begging to be used!


Robyn Coburn said...

Wow I love how beautiful that stenciling turned out. I have just received some stencils, so I can try that - if I ever get my workshop unpacked. I also love the casual layering style.

Glen Henley said...

Very cool stuff, nice technique!