Monday, October 13, 2014

Pebble Magnets

Good morning! Chelsea here! I have a really easy but fun project to share with you. A perfect gift for teachers, students and anyone who LOVES magnets. 

Materials you will need :

Flat back CLEAR pebbles (AB will not work)
Best Glue Ever by ScarPerfect
Scrap Patterned Paper/Card Stock
A Magnetic sheet OR a Roll of Magnet

Step 1: Place your pebble on your patterned paper. Now trace around your pebble with a pencil, and cut it out. NOTE: Cut a couple of mm's inside your traced line to fit comfortably on the flat back of your pebble. If it does not fit continue to cut away until it does fit.

Step 2: Place your patterned paper/card stock on your sheet of magnet and cut around your paper. NOTE: If you are using a roll of magnet skip this step.

Step 3: Glue your piece of patterned paper/card stock to your sheet of magnet. Depending on the type of magnetic sheets you purchased some have light adhesive, which means you will need to reinforce the magnet adhesive by applying your BGE on the magnet then adhering your patterned paper/card stock to it. 

Step 4: Adhere your magnetic patterned paper/card stock to the flat back of the pebble. I tried 2 ways of applying this. 1) Apply BGE to the flat back of the pebble and let dry completely clear then press your magnetic patterned paper/card stock onto the tacky clear glue OR 2) Apply your BGE to the front of your patterned paper/card stock and let dry completely clear then adhere to the flat back of the pebble. Both ways seem to work the same in my opinion. I personally preferred applying the BGE directly to the flat back of the pebble.

**If you are using a roll of magnet, attach the front of your patterned paper to the flat back of the pebble then apply your roll of magnet to the back of your patterned paper**

Your pebble magnet is ready to use! Perfect project to use those small scraps of papers that continue to pile up in our craft rooms.

Thanks for joining us today!

Chelsea :)

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