Sunday, October 26, 2014

An Eerie Tale Wooden Box

 Hello All
 It's Glen here with a new project to celebrate the coming All Hallows Eve, an open box with magnetic cover. I start by selecting a paper for the inside background, in this case it's actually a K & Company paper pad from one or two years ago. I use the Best Glue Ever to adhere the paper to the wood and smooth it out with my hands.

  I'm not done with this yet but move on to the front and inside front panel which will take a lot of work for what I see in my head. I use the Best Glue Ever to make the front of the box, some tricky cutting and gluing gives me the look of a brick house with wooden shutters that are either missing or hanging down.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Permanent Marker from Years Past vs Best Cleaner Ever!

Hello! Good Morning ScraPerfect Friends! Chelsea here. Have you ever had stubborn marks that just won't budge? Permanent marker can be a real pain to remove but with the BCE it's a breeze! Let me show you!

 Here I have a plastic container that has had this black permanent marker stain on the front drawer for at least 15 years. I sprayed my BCE on the permanent marker and let sit for only 1-2 minutes then began to rub the area in a circular motion with my finger. Watch how the BCE disolves the ink almost instantly!  Wipe clean with a dry piece of paper towel and BOOM! Permanent marker disappears!  

What about your walls? I don't recall how this permanent marker ended up on the wall or even how long it has been there. I do know it has been on the wall for at least 2 years. With a little bit of BCE and rubbing in a circular motion again for a few seconds BOOM again!!! In just a few minutes the wall is clean!

I call it simply AMAZING! What have you tried the BCE on? Let us know on our Facebook page! We would love to see before and after photographs of your BCE usage!  

Happy Scrappin'

Chelsea :)

Monday, October 20, 2014

Chritmas Configuration II

Hi Everyone
 It's Glen here with the next installment of my new project. I have to do some surgery on the box to make a hole through which I can have the wire of the lantern pass through freely. Once I do this it's time to use the Best Glue Ever to adhere the corner of the configuration and move on to the next step.

  I put paper on the outside edges of the box and also the back just to make it a complete job even though the back will also be where the battery pack will be hidden. Then after I use the Best Glue Ever to glue the paper tape on the edges, I use the Perfect Crafting Pouch to take the stickiness away from the edges of the paper and paper tape. Then of course In use the Best Cleaner Ever to clean up my sticky hands. Thanks for stopping by today and be sure to check out the great projects on the ScraPerfect website. See you next time...Glen

Battery Pack Holder

Adhering Plastic Embellishments

I love all the little embellishments out there these days - sequins, transparent shapes, and these cool plastic stars from Studio Calico -

They are so cute, but if you're going to stick them on your project, you don't want to either lose their transparency or have any adhesive show through.  That's where the Best Glue Ever comes in.  All you need is a tiny drop on the back of each piece.  I use my finger to smooth it out over the entire embellishment.

That's basically all you need.  It dries tacky and completely transparent, as you can tell by the lighter blue and green stars below.

I used these stars with the Best Glue Ever all over this page.  It's my go-to adhesive.

Friday, October 17, 2014


EDIBLE HALLOWEEN Craft using Embellie Gellie™ and stamps.

 Get out those craft supplies! 

All you need is some Royal Icing**, gel food coloring, Embellie Gellie™ and Halloween Cookie Decorations.  Embellie Gellie™ is safe for food and the easy way to place your decorations exactly where you want them.

Sweet and Neat: no icing on your fingers!

These would be perfect for any Holiday theme, Thank You or Teacher Gift, class parties ...


1. About the COOKIES: Typically, I bake cookies from scratch. Because I wanted to make the video quickly, I decided to buy them. I had trouble finding round, flat cookies about this size--until I was in Walmart. (Wouldn't you know?) They look quite homemade -- and according to my kids-- they even taste really good. They cost under $2 per package. I used the bottom of the cookie so they'd be even flatter.

2. About the STAMPS: When I tried the pink rubber stamps on a thin dry layer of royal icing, I found I needed a much thicker layer to evenly coat the cookies and smooth the bumps and lumps. As it turned out, I found a set of inexpensive foam stamps and discovered they really flexed easily and worked super well. I am sure I could have eliminated the need for the extra royal icing!

3. **About ROYAL ICING: It's so simple to make using powdered sugar and fresh or powdered egg whites and water. (My recipe: 1 tsp powdered egg whites, 1/2 cup confectioners sugar and water)

Monday, October 13, 2014

Pebble Magnets

Good morning! Chelsea here! I have a really easy but fun project to share with you. A perfect gift for teachers, students and anyone who LOVES magnets. 

Materials you will need :

Flat back CLEAR pebbles (AB will not work)
Best Glue Ever by ScarPerfect
Scrap Patterned Paper/Card Stock
A Magnetic sheet OR a Roll of Magnet

Step 1: Place your pebble on your patterned paper. Now trace around your pebble with a pencil, and cut it out. NOTE: Cut a couple of mm's inside your traced line to fit comfortably on the flat back of your pebble. If it does not fit continue to cut away until it does fit.

Step 2: Place your patterned paper/card stock on your sheet of magnet and cut around your paper. NOTE: If you are using a roll of magnet skip this step.

Step 3: Glue your piece of patterned paper/card stock to your sheet of magnet. Depending on the type of magnetic sheets you purchased some have light adhesive, which means you will need to reinforce the magnet adhesive by applying your BGE on the magnet then adhering your patterned paper/card stock to it. 

Step 4: Adhere your magnetic patterned paper/card stock to the flat back of the pebble. I tried 2 ways of applying this. 1) Apply BGE to the flat back of the pebble and let dry completely clear then press your magnetic patterned paper/card stock onto the tacky clear glue OR 2) Apply your BGE to the front of your patterned paper/card stock and let dry completely clear then adhere to the flat back of the pebble. Both ways seem to work the same in my opinion. I personally preferred applying the BGE directly to the flat back of the pebble.

**If you are using a roll of magnet, attach the front of your patterned paper to the flat back of the pebble then apply your roll of magnet to the back of your patterned paper**

Your pebble magnet is ready to use! Perfect project to use those small scraps of papers that continue to pile up in our craft rooms.

Thanks for joining us today!

Chelsea :)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Stenciling Burlap

I've got a super fun project for you today using burlap.  You can find all sorts of burlap at the craft stores these days.  Recently I saw an add for decorated burlap sheets and I thought why not make my own?

For this project I used a stencil, the Best Glue Ever, a foam brush and a 12" x 12" sheet of burlap, cut into fourths, and black glitter. 

To apply the Best Glue Ever, I use a disposable foam brush (no cleanup!).  If your stencil is thin or has lots of floppy detail, like mine, you'll need to keep one hand on the stencil to hold it steady.  Just pounce the glue all over the stencil.

I made a sample to see how ScraPerfect's foil, glitter and black flocking would look before I started my project.  You can see the black glitter and black flocking really stand out, as well as the blue foil.  The gold and silver - not so much.  Because of the loose weave of the burlap you want something with a lot of contrast.

I decided to use the glitter because it just fit my daughter's personality better.  You can see as I started to shake the glitter it immediately grabbed onto the glue. No rubbing required. And I'd left this burlap sitting for about an hour after I applied the glue before I had a chance to add glitter.  That's one of the best features of the Best Glue Ever - it will remain tacky until you use it.

And here's the finished burlap piece, ready to add to my layout.  I did shake it out onto the paper then press the glittered side into my paper to pick up any extra glitter, mainly to save myself the trouble of shaking it back into the jar.

How cool is that?! I know everyone has bottles of glitter laying around just begging to be used!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Christmas Configuration

Hi it's Glen here with an exciting new project using the Best Glue Ever. This is my second configuration box my first illuminated project. I used the best glue ever to form the background after I added some ink to the edges. Then I used it to adhere the sides of the box using a contrasting paper then added another layer of the same paper to give it depth.

 I used the Best Cleaner Ever to clean up my "Sticky Fingers" after adding a second layer spaced above the first to give it depth. This is going to be a fun project as I continue to embellish this and will post the results in the future. thanks for stopping by today and be sure to check out the other great products on ScraPerfect website.


Sunday, October 5, 2014

You're the Best

Good morning ScraPerfect friends, Steph Ackerman here today.

Do you have trouble adhering little elements to your cards?  Do you have trouble adhering delicate die cuts to your cards?

Pull out the Best Glue Ever and the Embellie Gellie and you will be surprised at how easy it is to adhere the tiniest and most delicate of items to your projects.

Using the Best Glue Ever is perfect.  Just a little dab of glue adheres the Robin's Nest Dew Drops.

This lovely die cut was easy to adhere using with the Best Glue Ever too.  Just a little line of glue around the die cut gives you perfect adhesion every time.

Thanks for stopping by today.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Fixing Boxes

Morning, Chelsea here!

I have two containers here today.  One, a box holding a Cricut cartridge that I have had for only seven years.  The lack of adequate adhesive has left it falling apart. The second container is a material covered chipboard jewellery box that my sister has had for fourteen years.  It would be really nice if manufactured adhesives would last longer. But here comes the Best Glue Ever to the rescue!

Let me show you how quick and easy it is to repair these items. 

To begin I apply my BGE evenly over one of the two sides of the area I want to restick.  Now I let it dry clear! This step only takes 2-3 minutes to turn clear. Once clear, I press the two sides of the box back together! I don't even have to hold it together for it to adhere as it has an instant and strong, long lasting bond. Voila!!!

Now lets move on to my sisters fabric covered chipboard jewellery box. 

I have two areas to repair on this jewellery box today.  Firstly the fabric has come away from the chipboard and then the chipboard has come away from the cardboard bottom of the box.  Just so you understand, the chipboard is the base of the jewellery box.

When adhering fabric to any object it is best to apply the BGE to the object and not the fabric as the glue will seep in to the fibers and might leave a wet looking stain. In this case I apply the BGE to the chipboard and let it dry clear.  While that is drying clear which only takes 4-5 minutes I apply some more BGE to the cardboard where I let this dry clear as well for 3-4 minutes. 

Now that my glue has dried clear it is time to put this box back together.  I start with pressing the fabric down onto the tacky clear glue on the chipboard. Once all four sides are adhered I place the  chipboard base onto the cardboard box pressing firmly for contact. 

As you can see, by using the BGE, fixing these boxes was simple! Easy as 1...2...3!

What will you fix with the Best Glue Ever? Let us know on our Facebook page! 

Chelsea :)