Sunday, September 21, 2014

SIX GREAT Scrapbooking Techniques (using a Harry Potter Layout)

Amy here, with a page NOT because of it’s beautiful design, great use of color, or layering of materials. NOPE! Design isn’t my strength--BUT teaching is so:

1. Three years “behind” and okay with it! 

I just completed this layout for my daughter's 2011 scrapbook, but there are several ways to look at this... 
            I will have more time to “catch up” when my daughter leaves for college next year;
            I won’t be taking as many pics so I won’t be falling even more behind; 
            I get to put myself in a fun moment -- 3 years ago!

But seriously, if you are “behind”, try to enjoy the journey and not to feel pressure to just get it done. Otherwise it becomes a burden not a pleasure.

Also, consider scrapping your most recent events and working backwards as time permits. This way, your journaling is fresh and you are not falling even further behind. 

2. ONE piece of paper for a TWO page layout:

There are many ways to incorporate the paper: banners, photo mounts, alternating strips of pattern with cardstock, page borders...What I did:

Cut the Star Paper diagonally into 4 triangles. Then used the BEST GLUE EVER™ with the No-Clog Writing Tip™ to glue the paper onto cardstock. (The stainless steel tip controls the flow so you can even get into the pointy corners without applying too much glue!)

3. Make WORDS Fit the Subject

I love fonts! There are a gazillion available as free downloads on the internet. Search for ones to match your subject: Theme parks: Disney, Products: Coke, Clothing: Levis, etc! I used my Cricut for this title, but printing journaling and titles is simple. (Check this video for tips on printing on shapes, to size, etc! )

4. Journaling! 

More than who-where-when in the photo, sharing information about the time period, personal details, history about a place or event, or specific things in the layout really adds long-term value. (For example, the journaling on layout about a family trip could discuss the car, the child’s blanky, the unusual summer weather, the card game played at every restaurant, a popular song that year, natural or cultural history of the destination, or a whole bunch of other things that really are important to your family but not necessarily the focus of the pictures. IN FACT, if you don't have the photo--get one. (I missed taking a photo of my first BEAR running across the road, so i found a very similar picture on the internet and can use it to tell about my 30+ year long dream of seeing one. The story is important even if I don't have the picture.)

5. Save money by making embellishments.

I downloaded the ad for the movie (photoshopped it a bit) and printed it. I also cut a piece from a Harry Potter bookmark, packaging, glued it to a vellum office tag and added some metallic fiber. Simple, easy, CHEAP! NOTE: I outlines the journaling with silver pen to mimic the vellum tag..
6. Make things easier with the right tools and products

I used FOUR amazing ScraPerfect Products: The Best Glue Ever™ with the No-Clog Writing Cap™ was perfect for all those skinny die cut letters. Seriously, I used to just use the regular spout b/c the tip is really good as is, but the stainless steel tip really rocks for intricate application.  

                                Look carefully at the dots of glue on the “E”. It was a cinch to make them that small!

I was able to hold the letters with Embellie Gellie™ and apply the teeniest little dots of glue all along those very thin letters.  (I only had two hands so I couldn’t take a picture while holding the glue and the embellie gellie wand.)

I also used the Perfect Crafting Pouch™ on the shiny white paper to make the writing crisp and dry instantly.  Without the pouch, it was not smudgy ad smeary. 

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