Friday, September 26, 2014

Seafaring Ideaology Portfolio II

 Hi it's Glen here with the follow-up post to my labor of love, the seafaring portfolio I started a few weeks ago. My Great Grandfather was a sea captain and my English Thesis in college was "Occult Significance Occurring in Herman Melville's Moby Dick." But personally I don't like the water or sailing or fishing...oh well. I started the inside covers of the portfolio using the Best Glue Ever to adhere the inside cover papers.

 I used the Best Glue Ever to add the key and the cord to the cover, the upper and lower panels have been made into pockets to hold items of interest. I used the Perfect Crafting Pouch to take the sticky feel off the edges where glue may have seeped out from under the papers. The panels that have the fish are revealed on the other side to reveal a giant Whale and a Clipper ship!

 The hidden picture is the work in progress inside pages, there are many ways finish off this portfolio and I will show you finished project soon. Thanks for stopping by today and be sure to check out the other projects on the blog. The Best Cleaner Ever served me well to clean off my fingers when I was done.
 Happy Crafting

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