Tuesday, September 23, 2014

ScraPerfect Products vs School Projects

Good Morning Everyone! Chelsea here! As students settle back into school we know those projects will start arising. We all know we usually like to keep our crafting products under lock and key but maybe the children will need their own bottle of BGE after this project. 

My sister had to create a name tag for her desk and of course she came to me because of the wonderful tools and products that I carry in my studio. 

We could send our students to the dollar store for glue sticks but in a few months glue sticks lose there tack and pieces begin to fall off.  We don't want that to happen, do we? Especially if its a project that is needed for the entire school year such as this great looking desk name tag. 

Let's dip into how the BGE, Perfect Crafting Pouch and Embellie Gellie helped in the making of this desk name tag. 

All the letters were heat embossed with various stamps. We used the Perfect Crafting pouch to ensure only the stamped image would receive the embossing powder and no other part of the paper would accidentally become embossed. The process is quick and easy. A quick swipe of the Perfect Crafting pouch on each letter is all they needed. After swiping our paper we applied Versamark in the areas we wanted embossed. As you can see the powder is only sticking to the Versamark and not the entire piece of paper.

We attached the heat embossed patterned paper letters to cardstock to make then thicker and sturdier to later pop the letters on the name tag.  We used just a touch of BGE on each letter and a sponge applicator to spread it into a thin even layer of glue. Super easy and super quick! Best of all these will stay put and never peel apart! 

For all the paper piecing embellishments ie pug, tea pot, gardening supplies etc the BGE came in handy once again because 1) the BGE has a controlled tip to apply small amounts each time. 2) it secures in the matter of seconds and won't peel away.

When you first apply the glue, you have a little wiggle room which allows you to slide your piece into place or move it if you didn't place it correctly the first time.

Another wonderful tool from ScraPerfect is the Embellie Gellie. I absolutely love it. It is versatile in the items it can gently pick up and place. Perfect when paper piecing, especially when creating 1 - 2" piecings with all those tiny parts. Look how easy it is to pick items up and place them where you want them. 

Here are some close ups of the elements created for this desk name tag.


What will your children create? Let us know on our Facebook page.

Chelsea :)

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