Friday, September 19, 2014

Foiled Embellishments

Have you tried ScraPerfect's designer transfer foil? There are two different options to choose from: eight solid colors or eight holographic patterns, both with a variety of colors.

I used my Silhouette to cut out several ampersand shapes on kraft cardstock. While I love this shape, it's a bit plain. I grabbed my Best Glue Ever, ScraPerfect Foil, stencils and a disposable foam brush.

First, place your shape on a scrap piece of paper.  It makes clean up so much faster when you can toss the paper into the trash!  Next grab your stencil and cover your shape. Pay attention to where the design hits the edges of the shape and adjust accordingly. Here I moved the stencil around until I was satisfied with where the circles would be.

Use another scrap piece of paper or wax paper for your glue.  I like to dab the sponge brush into the glue rather than applying glue directly to the brush.  Dab the brush over the stencil. You only want a thin coat of the glue for foil - to thick and you won't get a smooth result.

After you're done with the glue, spritz your stencil with the Best Cleaner Ever and wipe off the extra glue. You can rinse the stencil under warm water to remove any extra cleaner.  Don't worry about your embellishment - the Best Glue Ever will stay tacky until you are ready to use it. Here are three shapes I made. I used stencils on the kraft ampersands but not the lightbulb, which was  lightly brushed with the Best Glue Ever.

To apply the foil, place a piece with the colored (design) side facing up, rub over your surface with your fingers and then remove.  Repeat until your design is covered.  Here's how my shapes turned out:

And used on a layout  -

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