Saturday, September 13, 2014

Beautiful but Tiny Pesky Embellishments

Good Morning ! Chelsea here, ready to share an Embellie Gellie tip with you! 

This handy little tool might not look like much to the average persons eye but for a crafter it can mean the world. Let me show you why!

I happened to be changing containers for some tiny crystal embellishments. I started out using a spoon for the transfer process but reached the bottom and had issues getting into the corners.

I attempted to use my finger but the crystals were stuck there in the corners! 

Here is where the Embellie Gellie comes into play! A light touch of my Embellie Gellie and the crystals were adhering to my wand. MAGIC! 

To be able to pick up more than one crystal at a time I rolled the wand in a single motion away from me. This tiny adhesive is tacky enough to hold them all but gentle enough to release them. 

Being able to reach for a tool that is versatile to pick up most materials makes this a must have in every crafters tool box. 

Thanks for stopping by! What do you use your Embellie Gellie for? Share your stories with us on our Facebook page!


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