Wednesday, September 3, 2014

18 Year Old Inked Stamps vs BCE

Good Morning! Chelsea here! Thanks for stopping by the blog today. I would like to share how well my 18 year old inked stamps cleaned up with the BCE. 

History of stamps : These stamps are 18 years old. A combination of ink, marker & paint are on these stamps. Some are worse than others. Let me walk you through the process and take a deeper look at the cleaning action of the BCE on these stamps. 

Here is a before photo of the stamps.

I began with spraying 1-2 sprays on each stamp depending on its size (1 for small, up to 2 for large). Letting my stamps sit for 20 - 30 minutes. **NOTE : This time frame is ONLY for stamps that have not been cleaned for months / years. Cleaning stamps the same day will only require a few minutes of setting time for the BCE.


After appox. 20 minutes I rubbed the surface of each the stamp with my finger. Once I felt assured the ink was dissolving I used a piece of dry paper towel and began to rub over each stamp. As you can see, instantly the ink/marker/paint is lifted.

Due to the combination of ink/marker/paint some of the stamps became very flaky which required me to rinse the stamps under water once I was sure all the ink was removed from the stamp.

I started with the least dirty stamps. I left the dirtier inked / markered / painted on stamps until last.  This resulted in leaving these stamps sitting for up to 30-40 minutes with BCE on them. I was completely impressed with the outcome, I was amazed! Below you will see the before & after of the dirtiest stamp.

** TIP : For smaller detailed stamps use a cotton swab or a nail brush to get into all the tiny areas. 

Once all the stamps were cleaned some actually needed a second round but this time I only let them sit for appox. 5-10 minutes. Here is the comparison of completely clean to the ones needing a second round of BCE. The result: 67% of my stamps were cleaned the first time.

After approximately an hour all my stamps were clean and ready to be used! My mind continues to be blown away at how well the BCE removes all sorts of unwanted, dirty, grimey substances!

Thanks for joining me!

Chelsea :)

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