Friday, September 26, 2014

Seafaring Ideaology Portfolio II

 Hi it's Glen here with the follow-up post to my labor of love, the seafaring portfolio I started a few weeks ago. My Great Grandfather was a sea captain and my English Thesis in college was "Occult Significance Occurring in Herman Melville's Moby Dick." But personally I don't like the water or sailing or fishing...oh well. I started the inside covers of the portfolio using the Best Glue Ever to adhere the inside cover papers.

 I used the Best Glue Ever to add the key and the cord to the cover, the upper and lower panels have been made into pockets to hold items of interest. I used the Perfect Crafting Pouch to take the sticky feel off the edges where glue may have seeped out from under the papers. The panels that have the fish are revealed on the other side to reveal a giant Whale and a Clipper ship!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

ScraPerfect Products vs School Projects

Good Morning Everyone! Chelsea here! As students settle back into school we know those projects will start arising. We all know we usually like to keep our crafting products under lock and key but maybe the children will need their own bottle of BGE after this project. 

My sister had to create a name tag for her desk and of course she came to me because of the wonderful tools and products that I carry in my studio. 

We could send our students to the dollar store for glue sticks but in a few months glue sticks lose there tack and pieces begin to fall off.  We don't want that to happen, do we? Especially if its a project that is needed for the entire school year such as this great looking desk name tag. 

Let's dip into how the BGE, Perfect Crafting Pouch and Embellie Gellie helped in the making of this desk name tag. 

All the letters were heat embossed with various stamps. We used the Perfect Crafting pouch to ensure only the stamped image would receive the embossing powder and no other part of the paper would accidentally become embossed. The process is quick and easy. A quick swipe of the Perfect Crafting pouch on each letter is all they needed. After swiping our paper we applied Versamark in the areas we wanted embossed. As you can see the powder is only sticking to the Versamark and not the entire piece of paper.

We attached the heat embossed patterned paper letters to cardstock to make then thicker and sturdier to later pop the letters on the name tag.  We used just a touch of BGE on each letter and a sponge applicator to spread it into a thin even layer of glue. Super easy and super quick! Best of all these will stay put and never peel apart! 

For all the paper piecing embellishments ie pug, tea pot, gardening supplies etc the BGE came in handy once again because 1) the BGE has a controlled tip to apply small amounts each time. 2) it secures in the matter of seconds and won't peel away.

When you first apply the glue, you have a little wiggle room which allows you to slide your piece into place or move it if you didn't place it correctly the first time.

Another wonderful tool from ScraPerfect is the Embellie Gellie. I absolutely love it. It is versatile in the items it can gently pick up and place. Perfect when paper piecing, especially when creating 1 - 2" piecings with all those tiny parts. Look how easy it is to pick items up and place them where you want them. 

Here are some close ups of the elements created for this desk name tag.


What will your children create? Let us know on our Facebook page.

Chelsea :)

Sunday, September 21, 2014

SIX GREAT Scrapbooking Techniques (using a Harry Potter Layout)

Amy here, with a page NOT because of it’s beautiful design, great use of color, or layering of materials. NOPE! Design isn’t my strength--BUT teaching is so:

1. Three years “behind” and okay with it! 

I just completed this layout for my daughter's 2011 scrapbook, but there are several ways to look at this... 
            I will have more time to “catch up” when my daughter leaves for college next year;
            I won’t be taking as many pics so I won’t be falling even more behind; 
            I get to put myself in a fun moment -- 3 years ago!

But seriously, if you are “behind”, try to enjoy the journey and not to feel pressure to just get it done. Otherwise it becomes a burden not a pleasure.

Also, consider scrapping your most recent events and working backwards as time permits. This way, your journaling is fresh and you are not falling even further behind. 

2. ONE piece of paper for a TWO page layout:

There are many ways to incorporate the paper: banners, photo mounts, alternating strips of pattern with cardstock, page borders...What I did:

Cut the Star Paper diagonally into 4 triangles. Then used the BEST GLUE EVER™ with the No-Clog Writing Tip™ to glue the paper onto cardstock. (The stainless steel tip controls the flow so you can even get into the pointy corners without applying too much glue!)

3. Make WORDS Fit the Subject

I love fonts! There are a gazillion available as free downloads on the internet. Search for ones to match your subject: Theme parks: Disney, Products: Coke, Clothing: Levis, etc! I used my Cricut for this title, but printing journaling and titles is simple. (Check this video for tips on printing on shapes, to size, etc! )

4. Journaling! 

More than who-where-when in the photo, sharing information about the time period, personal details, history about a place or event, or specific things in the layout really adds long-term value. (For example, the journaling on layout about a family trip could discuss the car, the child’s blanky, the unusual summer weather, the card game played at every restaurant, a popular song that year, natural or cultural history of the destination, or a whole bunch of other things that really are important to your family but not necessarily the focus of the pictures. IN FACT, if you don't have the photo--get one. (I missed taking a photo of my first BEAR running across the road, so i found a very similar picture on the internet and can use it to tell about my 30+ year long dream of seeing one. The story is important even if I don't have the picture.)

5. Save money by making embellishments.

I downloaded the ad for the movie (photoshopped it a bit) and printed it. I also cut a piece from a Harry Potter bookmark, packaging, glued it to a vellum office tag and added some metallic fiber. Simple, easy, CHEAP! NOTE: I outlines the journaling with silver pen to mimic the vellum tag..
6. Make things easier with the right tools and products

I used FOUR amazing ScraPerfect Products: The Best Glue Ever™ with the No-Clog Writing Cap™ was perfect for all those skinny die cut letters. Seriously, I used to just use the regular spout b/c the tip is really good as is, but the stainless steel tip really rocks for intricate application.  

                                Look carefully at the dots of glue on the “E”. It was a cinch to make them that small!

I was able to hold the letters with Embellie Gellie™ and apply the teeniest little dots of glue all along those very thin letters.  (I only had two hands so I couldn’t take a picture while holding the glue and the embellie gellie wand.)

I also used the Perfect Crafting Pouch™ on the shiny white paper to make the writing crisp and dry instantly.  Without the pouch, it was not smudgy ad smeary. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Introducing Kim Murray!

Please welcome our newest design team member - Kimberly.

My name is Kim Murray and I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself. I was born in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin and at the age of 7 moved to Atlanta, Georgia.  I spent several years there until the age of 13, my father was asked to work at the JC Penny Corporate office in NYC, we moved to Rumson, New Jersey and lived there for only 2 short years, when JC Penny's decided to move their home office to Plano, Texas. I have lived here in Plano ever since. 
I am a single mother raising two wonderful children. Aidan is 10 years old and is an active youngin' who loves school, yes that's right, he loves school. He is now in the process of making his own youtube channel Stacking cups.  He loves Theater and last year played a role in Fiddler on the roof.  His immediate goal would be to go to the Championship.  My daughter Miakate is 9 years old, who loves cheerleading, drill team and rainbow looming, she is also making her own youtube channel, wanting to teach other kids how to rainbow loom :)  I myself, love scrapbooking, photography and graphic design. I have a youtube channel called Fattypaddyscrapper, most of my tutorials consist of working with wood, chipboard and paper crafts.  
I am currently attending Collin College working on getting my AA degree in Arts. My major is photography and minor is graphic design. I hope to go further to get my BA at SMU or  TWU. 
I am so excited to be a part of ScraPerfect's design team and can't wait to get started.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Foiled Embellishments

Have you tried ScraPerfect's designer transfer foil? There are two different options to choose from: eight solid colors or eight holographic patterns, both with a variety of colors.

I used my Silhouette to cut out several ampersand shapes on kraft cardstock. While I love this shape, it's a bit plain. I grabbed my Best Glue Ever, ScraPerfect Foil, stencils and a disposable foam brush.

First, place your shape on a scrap piece of paper.  It makes clean up so much faster when you can toss the paper into the trash!  Next grab your stencil and cover your shape. Pay attention to where the design hits the edges of the shape and adjust accordingly. Here I moved the stencil around until I was satisfied with where the circles would be.

Use another scrap piece of paper or wax paper for your glue.  I like to dab the sponge brush into the glue rather than applying glue directly to the brush.  Dab the brush over the stencil. You only want a thin coat of the glue for foil - to thick and you won't get a smooth result.

After you're done with the glue, spritz your stencil with the Best Cleaner Ever and wipe off the extra glue. You can rinse the stencil under warm water to remove any extra cleaner.  Don't worry about your embellishment - the Best Glue Ever will stay tacky until you are ready to use it. Here are three shapes I made. I used stencils on the kraft ampersands but not the lightbulb, which was  lightly brushed with the Best Glue Ever.

To apply the foil, place a piece with the colored (design) side facing up, rub over your surface with your fingers and then remove.  Repeat until your design is covered.  Here's how my shapes turned out:

And used on a layout  -

Thursday, September 18, 2014

How to Clean No-Clog Writing Caps™: They'll Work Better, Last Longer! (Video)

Amy here, with useful tips for the No-Clog Writing Cap™ tips.

Check out the video (below) made in response to a customer inquiry.  The video demonstrates the very simple cleaning which brings it back to new again--eliminating frustration along with the gunk! 

Depending upon the liquid, over time the stainless steel pin and tip can become "gunky". A sticky tip may get frustrating, or it could result in damage to the tip. 

Also, watch the video for more tips such as the best way to store your bottles to minimize gunky buildup.

The Best Cleaner Ever™ or other solvent
Heavy-duty Pin, or awl, toothpick, etc
Cotton swab (optional)

PS: Cleaning is not something normally needed to be done often. You may do it every month or every few years, depending upon how long the pin cap is left off, the characteristics of the liquid, if the bottle is upright or on its side, etc.)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Seafaring Ideaology Portfolio

Hi it's Glen here with a new project using the great products from ScraPerfect! I actually took a class with Tim Holtz and this is a result of that class. I wanted to do a Lovecraft themed portfolio but the papers were just not available for that. So I instead used the awesome nautical papers from K & Company to make my design. I used the craziest looking picture I could for the front cover, I choose an Ahab looking guy for my album.

 I used the Best Glue Ever to adhere the nautical paper to the base album and to place the photo frame and embellishments. The No-Clog Writing Cap helps alot for glue placement.   I used it to reinforce the paper tape that doesn't always hold very well on it's own. Then I used it to place the ribbon front and back. And the Best Cleaner Ever helped clean up my sticky fingers as I worked. 

Stay tuned for more on this project as I fill in the rest of the inside pages.  Thanks for stopping by today and be sure to check out the other projects on this blog and the great products sold by ScraPerfect.


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Beautiful but Tiny Pesky Embellishments

Good Morning ! Chelsea here, ready to share an Embellie Gellie tip with you! 

This handy little tool might not look like much to the average persons eye but for a crafter it can mean the world. Let me show you why!

I happened to be changing containers for some tiny crystal embellishments. I started out using a spoon for the transfer process but reached the bottom and had issues getting into the corners.

I attempted to use my finger but the crystals were stuck there in the corners! 

Here is where the Embellie Gellie comes into play! A light touch of my Embellie Gellie and the crystals were adhering to my wand. MAGIC! 

To be able to pick up more than one crystal at a time I rolled the wand in a single motion away from me. This tiny adhesive is tacky enough to hold them all but gentle enough to release them. 

Being able to reach for a tool that is versatile to pick up most materials makes this a must have in every crafters tool box. 

Thanks for stopping by! What do you use your Embellie Gellie for? Share your stories with us on our Facebook page!


Friday, September 12, 2014

Hi, Hello, Good Day

Good morning ScraPerfect friends, Steph Ackerman here today shouting a big hello to you.

Have you used the Best Glue Ever and the Embellie Gellie yet?  If not, you wouldn't believe how easy it is to create some amazing cards.

This background paper was perfect to dress up with the Robin's Nest dew drops.  All that was needed was little drops of the  Best Glue Ever and the Embellie Gellie.  This little gizmo is perfect for picking up the dew drops and placing them exactly where I wanted them.

Add a simple sentiment amongst the dew drops and a card is ready in no time.
Thank for stopping by today.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

What does the Best Glue Ever™ and your makeup have in common?

Next time you take a plane or road trip across a mountain pass, try one of these simple solutions and save yourself hours of aggravation and bunches of money. You'll learn some crafting, some beauty care and some science all in 6 quick minutes! Ready, Set...GO!


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Minibook Covers and the Best Glue Ever

I've been participating in a annual project with Shimelle called "Learn Something New Every Day." I always turn my project into a mini book and for the past few years have been using composition books as both a daily journal and a scrapbook.

Decorating the cover is always fun, and I like to mix things up and use a variety of different alphas, particularly old products that have been sitting around unloved. However, this is a working composition book and I have to be able to easily open the book and write inside it daily - this composition book gets a lot of action during the month. I need to be able to adhere things on the cover securely so that they won't fall off or get mangled.

What do I use? The Best Glue Ever, of course!  I've used it underneath the washi tape strips, as I've had strips that start to peel up off my projects after a couple of months (right?). I've also used it with stickers. I love these white alphas, but even new they never stuck very well.  To solve that I spread a thin layer of the Best Glue Ever along the back of the sticker. Done!

The wooden hashtag? Yup. That, too, was easily adhered using the Best Glue Ever.

My favorite part of the cover is this word cut from a thin layer of birch veneer I bought a couple of years ago.  I was thrilled that I was able to use my Silhouette to cut the veneer without it tearing or shredding the veneer.  It's about as thin as a piece of Bazzill cardstock and you have to be a bit careful that it doesn't break.

When I adhered it to the cover I knew that I needed to make sure I covered the entire back of the word with the Best Glue Ever, since this is a book that's going to be opened repeatedly. I put a line of the Best Glue Ever on each letter then used my finger to spread the glue. If you were using the veneer as part of a scrapbook page, you wouldn't need nearly this much glue.

And the finished cover -

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

18 Year Old Inked Stamps vs BCE

Good Morning! Chelsea here! Thanks for stopping by the blog today. I would like to share how well my 18 year old inked stamps cleaned up with the BCE. 

History of stamps : These stamps are 18 years old. A combination of ink, marker & paint are on these stamps. Some are worse than others. Let me walk you through the process and take a deeper look at the cleaning action of the BCE on these stamps. 

Here is a before photo of the stamps.

I began with spraying 1-2 sprays on each stamp depending on its size (1 for small, up to 2 for large). Letting my stamps sit for 20 - 30 minutes. **NOTE : This time frame is ONLY for stamps that have not been cleaned for months / years. Cleaning stamps the same day will only require a few minutes of setting time for the BCE.


After appox. 20 minutes I rubbed the surface of each the stamp with my finger. Once I felt assured the ink was dissolving I used a piece of dry paper towel and began to rub over each stamp. As you can see, instantly the ink/marker/paint is lifted.

Due to the combination of ink/marker/paint some of the stamps became very flaky which required me to rinse the stamps under water once I was sure all the ink was removed from the stamp.

I started with the least dirty stamps. I left the dirtier inked / markered / painted on stamps until last.  This resulted in leaving these stamps sitting for up to 30-40 minutes with BCE on them. I was completely impressed with the outcome, I was amazed! Below you will see the before & after of the dirtiest stamp.

** TIP : For smaller detailed stamps use a cotton swab or a nail brush to get into all the tiny areas. 

Once all the stamps were cleaned some actually needed a second round but this time I only let them sit for appox. 5-10 minutes. Here is the comparison of completely clean to the ones needing a second round of BCE. The result: 67% of my stamps were cleaned the first time.

After approximately an hour all my stamps were clean and ready to be used! My mind continues to be blown away at how well the BCE removes all sorts of unwanted, dirty, grimey substances!

Thanks for joining me!

Chelsea :)