Thursday, August 14, 2014

Remove Sticker Residue - Best Cleaner Ever

Hi ScraPerfect fans, Michelle back again with a quick tip to getting sticker residue off of a cake pan.  This will work on other surfaces as well and is a quick and easy way to get the left on stuff from price stickers at the store.

I removed the sticker, but there is still that sticky part left stuck to the  pan.  

I sprayed a generous amount of the Best Cleaner Ever and rubbed over the spot a bit with my finger.

I let it set for a few minutes and came back and gently scrapped the sticker residue with my finger nail.  At this point it peels off easily.  

After I got the tag off, I put one more spray of the Best Cleaner Ever and again gently rubbed with my finger.  I gently scrapped any little bits of excess residue and then rubbed clean with a paper towel.  Easy and safe.

Thanks for looking!

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