Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How to Make This Gorgeous Baby Girl Greeting Card

Good Morning, Chelsea here showing you how to make this gorgeous baby girl greeting card! This was such fun to make and it features many products from ScraPerfect! Let's get started!

Materials Used 

- Best Glue Ever
- Best Cleaner Ever
- Perfect Crafting Pouch 
- Embellie Gellie 

To begin using my Crafting Pouch I swept the textured base of my card to ensure my stamping would adhere cleanly. I absolutely LOVE how easily the Crafting Pouch allows you to stamp on virtually any material with ease.

What a beautiful and professional job the Crafting Pouch allows you to do with no smudges, or partial prints. Clean stamp prints every time!

  As you see I did get some ink on my crafting mat. I was using Stazon ink. We all know how hard it is to remove Stazon but with the Best Cleaner Ever in just MOMENTS my craft mat is clean and ready to go! Incredible!

The Best Glue Ever is simply amazing because you can apply it to any material without having to use different  glues. It makes creating any project quick and easy. 

Let me show you a couple of ways I used the BGE for this baby card. 

First I applied a small dab in the middle to adhere my two flowers together, as well as the gem for the center.

BGE is perfect to apply to all paper types; even vellum as it dries clear! Using a sponge applicator I spread the glue thinly across the back of the vellum accent. 

Ribbon can be tricky to hold in place due to its weight but with the BGE its a breeze! Apply, let dry clear and adhere! Bonds tightly! 

Glitter! We all know how tricky glitter can be to apply and talk about those glitter glues that take hours to dry! With BGE applying glitter is as easy as 1, 2, 3 and it dries in minutes.

Using all products from ScraPerfect this card was created easily, without having tools, glues or cleaners piling up on the crafting table. 4 products with a multitude of uses! Grab your supplies today from! 

Thanks for joining me! Happy Wednesday! 

Chelsea :) 

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ScraPerfect said...

How sweet it is, Chelsea!!!! NOTE to readers: With thinner ribbons (typically non-grosgrains), we find it best to apply the glue to the paper and let it dry. Then there's no chance for the glue to bleed through the ribbon.