Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Minibook Help With ScraPerfect

Putting together this minialbum would be a lot harder without ScraPerfect.  I'm using vellum, transparencies and wooden embellishments -- not the easiest to adhere or stamp on for that matter.  This page is an adhesive's worst nightmare -- transparent elements on a transparent background.  How do you glue something without your adhesive showing?  Use the Best Glue Ever!

I like the translucent quality of vellum and I thought these feather stamps from Dark Room Door would be fun to use as embellishments. To help me stamp onto vellum I first treated the vellum with the Perfect Crafting Pouch. The Perfect Crafting Pouch helps the ink grab onto the vellum and give a better impression.

Once I'm done stamping, I use the Best Cleaner Ever with my Perfect Cleaning Cloth to clean my stamp. I keep one cloth just for stamp cleaning.

Once the ink had dried I cut out the feathers all I need to adhere them to my page is a couple of drops of the Best Glue Ever. I like to use my fingers to smooth out the glue on the back of the vellum for an invisible hold.

And the Best Glue Ever is also my favorite glue for wooden embellishments.  Like the feathers, I applied some glue around the letters, then smoothed it out with my fingers, since my page is transparent. 

Just perfect!