Monday, August 4, 2014

Floral Doily Card

Hello ScraPerfect fans, Michelle back today to share a new tip using Embellie Gellie.  I recently received this fun new doily die that has lots of little cut outs.  I tried using it for the first time and noticed that not all the pieces came apart easily.

 The die is beautiful when all the pieces pop out.

But you can see here that several of the smaller pieces did not pop out on there own.  Because they are so small they were difficult to remove by hand.  Then I remembered my Embellie Gellie...

And like a magic wand I was able to remove all the little pieces by gently touching the Embellie Gellie to the back side of the die cut doily. 

When I lift the Embellie Gellie the small piece is attached and removed from the die cut.

Then I attached the No Clog Writing Cap to my bottle of the Best Glue Ever to place glue on this delicate piece.  This tip is great from the small strips where I needed to add glue and didn't make a mess.

Thanks for looking!


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