Sunday, August 3, 2014

Best Cleaner Ever vs Satin Dress

Morning ScraPerfect Friends! Chelsea here with a unbelievable transformation of removing grease stains (escalator oil) from a satin dress.  

Materials you will need : 

Best Cleaner Ever by ScraPerfect 

Step 1 : 

Spray your dress with a couple of sprays of BCE

Step 2 : 

Rub the fabric together gently, after about 3 minutes I checked the stain and notice half of the stain was removed. 

I reapplied 1-2 sprays of BCE and rubbed the fabric together with my fingers for another 2-3 minutes. This time the stain was completely removed.  

Once the cleaning process of the stain is completed we do suggest you wash your garment as per the direction on the wash tag of the garment. 

Is that not amazing ? The dress is new again! 

Let the Best Cleaner Ever help you with your next clothing disaster! 

Chelsea :)

1 comment:

ScraPerfect said...

Wow. What was the dress stained with? Did the oily cleaner come out of the dress, too?