Thursday, July 3, 2014

Scrapbook Page : Added Embellishments

Good morning ScraPerfect fans! Chelsea here with a scrapbook page layout. 

The Best Glue Ever is fabulous when attaching metal charms. It secures them with a tight bond. Let's jump into our project!

Embellishments - metal charms can sometimes be heavy for paper but with the Best Glue Ever it's a breeze. 

Apply the BGE to the back of your charm and let dry clear. Once BGE is clear, press your charm firmly into place. 

The strength of the BGE is unbelievably strong. Check out the paper that is turned upside down after applying the charm!

The smaller charms can be directly applied to the paper. Remembering, a little glue goes along way. Place a dot of BGE where you would like your smaller charms to be adhered. Let your dot of BGE dry clear before applying your small charm.  Once your BGE dot of adhesive is dried to the clear state press your small charm firmly into place. 

For the charms on the ribbon, I placed a touch of glue on the charm itself and left it for approximately 20 seconds.  Then I placed the charm directly to the ribbon. 

Attaching ribbon to paper is easily done. Apply a thin layer of BGE to your paper and let it dry completely clear. Stretching you ribbon out tightly, lay it down on your crafting/scrapbooking paper and smooth it out with your hand. 

Everything adhered quickly and easily with the BGE with a strong hold!

It doesn't end here! Apply scrabble game pieces or any heavy embelishments the same way! Possibilities are endless! 

Thanks for stopping by! Upload your projects to the Facebook page! We would love to see it! 

Happy Scrappin' ! 


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