Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Creative Ways to Add More Photos to Your Layout

I have lots and lots of photos from a recent trip to France.  I had originally planned to have several photos on this layout, but the more I arranged and rearranged them, the less I liked the layout.  However the photos were really important to my story about discovering that Paul Cezanne had stayed in the same little town and painted the lake in front of the hotel.

My solution was to use a large tag to create a fold out section.  I folded the tag approximately in half, leaving a bit of room to place a label sticker. My main photo was adhered on the front of the tag using the Best Glue Ever and I slid an arrow paperclip that points towards the plaque in the photo.

When you open the flap you find another two photos.

The top photo is a sign from the lake about Paul Cezanne. The bottom photo is a close-up of the plaque from the main photo.  I've stamped several small accent papers with help from the Perfect Crafting Pouch. 

I originally was going to slide my journaling card into the back of the paper clip, but decided to use a clear pocket instead so I didn't obscure the photo.  And as always, I couldn't adhere these tiny wooden stars easily without the Best Glue Ever.

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ScraPerfect said...

Clever. I ALWAYS have way more photos than "fit"--unlike layouts in magazines which highlight one photos and lots of embellies!