Thursday, July 24, 2014

Baby Card

Hello ScraPerfect fans, Michelle, here with a simple card that is perfect for a baby shower gift. 

The patterned paper is attached to the base of the card using the Best Glue Ever.  

Now for the baby sticker I wanted to use a pop up adhesive and needed to take away the sticky on the sticker so it doesn't attract fuzz.  To do this I dab the back of the sticker with the Perfect Crafting Pouch.  These are great to have on hand to get rid of unwanted sticky.  Both sizes are pictured above, the larger has the strap to slide your hand under.  

See the pouch in action... It works great but also leaves behind a little residue... 

Which I wipe clean with the Perfect Cleaning Cloth.  This cloth even go the residue off my hands!

After my work space is cleaned up I attached the sticker with pop up adhesive (you can make your own using the Best Glue Ever), and Embellie Gellie

Repeat the same steps for the hearts in the corner and you have a quick, simple card ready to go.

Thanks for looking!



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Glen Henley said...

Really nice work, I like the way you presented the steps too!