Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Decorative Jar Project

Hello and Good Morning ScraPerfect fans! Chelsea here to share a easy project ; decorative jar. I will be showcasing the Best Glue Ever and Embellie Gellie today! Let get started!

Materials Needed
- Jar
-Embellishments (drew drops, crystals, flowers)
Best Glue Ever
Embellie Gellie 

Attaching Ribbon : Place a thin layer of glue appox. on 3 of the 4 sides and let dry clear *TIP: apply glue let dry for a couple of minutes , then take your finger and tap the glue to smooth and create an even surface* (this will allow the ribbon to look seamless, and not lumpy). It it VERY important to ensure the glue has dried clear & tacky before you apply your ribbon. If any parts are still white it will soak into the ribbon and cause black spots.

Apply your ribbon by pulling the ribbon tightly. *NOTE : If you need to re-position your ribbon don't worry, because the glue is tacky due to drying clear it is easily able to be pulled off and reapplied. I re-positioned appox. 3 times and the glue continued to still stay tacky.

Complete your attachment of the ribbon on your jar on the 4th side.

To attach the end you will want to apply glue to your finger and tap it onto the ribbon and let complete dry clear. This will allow you not to have a dark spot show through the ribbon. 

Embellishments ; Flowers, Drew Drops : To apply the flowers you will need to apply the glue to your finger the same way we closed the ribbon end. Most flowers are made of fabric which means the glue will seep into the fibers. Apply glue to your finger and onto the ribbon where you wish to place your flowers.

To attach rhinestones, dewdrops, or other small embellishments Embellie Gellie is the PERFECT pick me up tool! 

Apply your glue to where you would like to attach your embellishments, using the Embellie Gellie pick up the embellishment and place it on your glue. For extra measure I like to turn over the Embellie Gellie stick and press the flat end into the the embellishment to ensure it secured. 


The possibilities are endless of how to decorate jars but with the Best Glue Ever, and Embellie Gellie it makes it a breeze to create beautiful jars!

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