Sunday, June 29, 2014

Revamped Burlap Memo Board

I found a burlap picture frame at Home Goods on clearance and I thought it'd be perfect for a memo board next to my computer.  However, it was cushy underneath the burlap and wouldn't hold any pins.

I carefully pried the one edge up to see what was underneath -- foam.

So I kept on going. The burlap was probably held by a spray adhesive and some of the foam stuck to it.  Once the burlap was free I removed the foam from the bottom of the backing.

The next step was to take a cork square and cut it to fit the back.  I initially cut it to the same size as the foam, but in placing it into the frame realized I needed to trim the edges a bit so it would fit (as cork doesn't give like the foam).  The cork was thin and part of a set of four than can be stuck to the wall.  Cutting cork is really easy with just a ruler and craft knife. 

After my piece was cut I applied the Best Glue Ever to the back of the cork and placed it in the frame.  I decided at playing around with the frame that I could place the foam on top of the cork and the burlap would just fit under the edge. The advantage of reusing the foam was a better appearance of the final project.

To help put everything together, I used a line of the Best Glue Ever around the edge to hold the burlap.

Once the back was on the frame I was able to add picture wire and hang it on the wall. Now it's functional and pretty!

Saturday, June 28, 2014


Hello everyone,Marilia Lopes here, today I bring a great tutorial, but you guys oped that the result is so beautiful that it is worth. 

1 - Souplast MDF 

2-Give two coats of white acrylic paint

3 - I chose the shapes and colors of Drew Drops who wanted to use and mounted on the plate 

This is a job that Embellie Gellie from Scraperfect is an important tool are many Drew Drops to glue

4 - I started doing the design on the edge of the inner part of the plate 

 I used The Best Glue Ever to paste all Dew Drops

5 - Now as you can see, I started with the outer edge

6 - With the figures formed I filled the whole space with various Tear Dew Drops
I could finish my work here, but I wanted the appearance of a mosaic

7 - then with a spatula applied modeling paste

8 - After the paste dries modeling, I cleaned with a damp sponge

9- And this was the result ... I hated!!LOL
Took the brilliance of Dew Drops, my wish was crying.LOL

10-With a very soft fabric, sprayed  Best Cleaner Ever and managed to clear all Dew Drops

Throughout this process of creation, I remembered I had some glass beads in my stuff and decided to fill the remaining space with them, to highlight Dew Drops

11-A large layer of The Best Glue Ever and glued all the glass beads

 And finally the effect I had visualized before starting my project.

You guys can see that I also used some Diamond Dew Drops 

And finally I glued the round mirror in the middle.

A wonderful weekend everyone!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer Wreath

Hi ScraPerfect fans, Michelle here with a simple wreath that will add some bright color to your summer decor.  And the best part is I used ScraPerfect products to create it. 

I used the Tim Holtz rosette die to die cut all the flowers and I used Embellie Gellie and the Best Glue Ever to attach the medallions to the front.

First use the Embellie Gellie to pick up the die cut medallion.  While the piece is still attached to the Embellie Gellie place some of the Best Glue Ever on the back side.

The glue will grab better if you allow it to dry a bit before placing it on the rosette.  Use the Embellie Gellie to place the medallion in the center of the rosette.  

Just press and release.

Thanks for looking!!


Thursday, June 19, 2014

How to make Newspaper Comic Strip CARD! (Video)

Amy here, with an IDEA to make a Cute Card from the newspaper comics!!! 

I did it for my son's birthday, but I think this would be a FUN WAY to PROPOSE, tell your HUBBY he's going to be a DADDYCongratulate a graduate, or share any kind of announcement.

Here's a very quick tutorial--

How could you use this idea??? I'd LOVE to know.

Stamping and Embossing Your Own Embellishments

Embellishments can add that special touch to your projects. And while I love buying them, it's just as fun to make your own.  For these I used white embossing powder, some small script stamps from Cocoa Daisy, the Perfect Crafting Pouch, Versamark ink and my heat gun.

I gathered up a variety of material - kraft paper pages from Cosmo Cricket, an old Maya Road kraft tag, a metal tag from Recollections and some cork from a DCWV stack.  I really wanted to use white ink to stamp on these, however, white ink is notorious for being too light. So instead I grabbed my white embossing powder.

For small and fine stamps you'll get the best results with fine detail embossing powder. And before you stamp, treat your surface with the Perfect Crafting Pouch to get not only a crisp image but to keep stray flecks of embossing powder from sticking to the surface and ruining your project.

I like to use a piece of copy paper to catch extra embossing powder.  However, these were small enough that I could shake most of it right back into the jar.  If you're embossing a metal rimmed tag, be aware that the metal will also get quite hot.  Let it cool down before trying to pick it up!

The cork sheets from DCWV are perfect for punches.  Here I've used a circle punch and added it to a photo with a little bit of the Best Glue Ever.  Into my page protector it goes!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Graphic 45 Altered Box

Hello Friends

It's Glen here with a great new project using the Best Glue Ever, Graphic 45, Tim Holtz tissue paper and other elements. I decided to use a limited color palette of Broken China and Spiced Marmalade to color the tissue paper after I applied it to the box.

Using my finger to even out glue.
First I used the No-Clog Writing Cap to apply the glue where I wanted it, then I spread out the glue with my fingers and applied the tissue paper carefully to avoid wrinkles.  I applied Distress Ink to the paper. I applied paper this way to the four panels on the outside.

 Then I used some Remnant Rubs to accent the tissue.  These are not the finished panels. I still have much work to do on this project and will post more pics when the project is done


Saturday, June 14, 2014

Apply Glitter With The Best Glue Ever!

Hey ScraPerfect fans, Michelle here to share how easy it is to add glitter to small laser cut pieces.  The Best Glue is great for attaching glitter to any type of project.  And glitter adds a nice touch of glam to finished projects.

Read on to see how I transformed these laser cut pieces into these fab embellishments

The word believe started out as this unfinished laser cut wood piece.  

Add a bit of the Best Glue Ever, just a little and rub it around with your finger.

Make sure all the parts are covered with adhesive.  You'll notice here that some of the glue has started to dry (the parts that you see more brown), but don't worry that's not a problem with the Best Glue Ever.

Now cover with a generous layer of glitter.  Once covered, tap of any excess glitter.

And voila!  You have a beautiful glitter covered laser cut embellishment.

Thanks for looking!


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Portfolio Fun with the Best Glue Ever

Good morning ScraPerfect friends, Steph here today with a portfolio that is not only easy to make but very useful.  It's perfect for holding all sorts of things from tags to cards and envelopes and even candy!

Using a template from Green and my Scor-Pal, it was easy to create.  Just score along the appropriate lines and cut in for the tabs.  Then, fold along the score lines and adhere to form the shape.  Cardstock was added inside to cover the folded edges.

After decorating the front with cardstock, inks and chipboard, I inked and embossed a grungeboard letter "S" to make it a little more personal.  Using the Best Glue Ever, the initial was adhered to  the front cover.  I've always had a problem with adhering grungeboard but the Best Glue Ever  had no problem holding the letter  in place!!!

Nothing holds as well as the Best Glue Ever - why not try some today.
Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Finding the Right Accent Color

Sometimes all it takes it the right accent for a project to come together. The layout above is a perfect example.

I had put the majority of the layout together several weeks ago, but I felt that there was something missing. So I put it aside on my desk where I could still see it as I went along working on other things. Often times something I'm using in one project will spark an idea for another.  I was hoping to have that happen with this one.

As luck would have it,  I had a pile of stencils that I'd used waiting to be put away.  Somehow they ended up tossed onto this layout and it was like a lightbulb  went off in my head. That's exactly what I needed -- something to the left of the photo block with a round shape to balance out the other elements.

 Looking through my cut files, I'd found a circular target shape I thought would work - but what color should it be?  Black is the color I usually reach for, but this layout was grey, cream and gold.  Not to mention the darkest part of the patterned paper was more of a deep navy.   In the birds there was a bit of a lighter blue, yellow and orange.

How do you pick the right accent color? 

A good way is to try small pieces of the paper or color with your layout.  Since I wanted to test out the shape, I cut both a black and a blue one and tried them out by sliding them underneath the photo blocks.  The black wasn't right. I didn't like the blue because I'd already had three big colors in the layout. 

My next choice was something more neutral. I recut the shapes from a manilla and kraft tag. The kraft tag really didn't work with the gold accents, however I already had a small manilla accent on the layout -- an arrow.  Repeating this paper was the optimal choice.

Now, to adhere my accent I grabbed my trusty and well-loved bottle of the Best Glue Ever and applied a few very small drops of glue  - two in the middle and one on the end of each spoke.

Notice how I cut the edge?  Since I was tucking this accent behind something else I could trim off the part that was going to hidden and now I've got an accent for another project.