Tuesday, May 6, 2014

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Hello All

It's Glen here with a nice idea that's a little strange, so let me explain.

When my father was in the hospital in December I was so tired from working and running back and forth to the hospital that I just didn't have the wherewithal to put up our big 8ft tree. So I went to Big Lots and found a small - not too broad tree about five feet tall. It was a display model and was on sale half off plus I had a coupon. It cost me $36 but the catch is there's no box. I decorated the tree with ceramic angel ornaments and birds that he got from The Bradford Exchange and added two that I intended to give dad for Xmas. When the holidays were over I left the tree where it was.  Dad died on Jan 28th and the tree is still up. I have no place to put it and no box to put it in, so since we used to have an indoor Norfolk pine there it made sense, to me at least. Then I got the idea of decorating the tree for the Spring,Summer, July 4th and so on.

 I used the Best Glue Ever to put my background paper on card stock and then used my Vagabond to cut out the shape. I also used it make glue dots to adhere all the pieces on the background to give it depth which you can't really see in the pictures. I have lots of ideas for this as an on-going project and will enjoy posting more photos of the tree when I have more done.

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Robyn Coburn said...

I'm sorry for your loss Glen, and I'm looking forward to seeing your Seasonal Tree.