Thursday, May 29, 2014

It's Easy With the Best Glue Ever

I love anything that makes crafting quick and easy and I just love how easy it is to put together my layouts using the Best Glue Ever.  It's so economical because you only need a tiny drop of glue to hold your embellishments.

For example, I had all these things for my layout that I cut with my Silhouette -- skinny letters, skinny circles and a really tiny dot for the "i" -- all things that can be difficult to adhere without glue seeping out from behind or around the edges. And don't get me started on tape rollers!

This is all the glue I needed to adhere my cut outs.  One tiny dot at the top and bottom of each part of the letters.  And for the doily I used only four tiny dots of glue.

Here's a great use for Embellie Gellie - picking up all those dots for "i's" you have to stick down.  Now that it's on my Embellie Gellie it's super easy to add a dot of the Best Glue Ever and place it on the layout.

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