Sunday, May 25, 2014

How to Use Paper Craft Supplies to Make Earrings (video)

Hello-- Amy Here!

Many of us have at least one "weakness" when it comes to shopping or collecting. When my daughter was three, she LOVED SHOES so much I was concerned she was going to be one of those women with a room just for their shoes! My friend, Stef, has enough vests that she can wear a different one every day of the year.  ME??? I love EARRINGS and I like wearing different ones to match my activity, my t-shirt, the season, or whatever. Lucky for me, earrings don't take up much room.

Though much of my crafting is with paper, I like taking pieces from other jewelry and creating funky earrings.  I wore these today when volunteering with a 5th grade class exploring low tide:

Well last week at Goodwill, I found a box of cool metal "hardware" that were really designed for paper crafting, but I just thought that maybe I could use them for earrings. In fact, I gave myself that challenge, figuring I need another way to start using my supplies.

I apologize in advance that it was evening and the light in my room isn't great for crafting or videos, but I hope you find it useful or inspirational!

OH! By the way--you might prefer to use stamps to create your own paper. Or maybe photographs. Or advertising paraphernalia. Or???

Stay tuned for the next video in this series, as I make a completely different style of earrings from paper craft supplies!

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