Friday, May 23, 2014

BGE Fix : Metal Container

Morning ScraPerfect friends ! Chelsea here with a fabulous plastic to metal project fix! 

I had this tin but the plastic insert fell out (wasn't adhered very well when it was originally created) but with the Best Glue Ever it is an easy fix. 

To begin place a thin layer of BGE around the edge of the lid , I prefer placing it on the metal instead of the plastic so that it does not smear where I don't wish the glue to be. In my case I only had 2 VERY thin lines that actually come in contact with the plastic lid that I needed to be more persist. Personal preference though. Did you know how small the tip is of the BGE? See how it just enough to cover the tiny area I needed. Amazing eh!?

Let the glue dry clear before adhering the plastic cover inside the medal lid. This will only take a few minutes because the layer is only thin. Enjoy some progress photos of the drying process! It took appox 10 mins to be fully clear. I did attach the plastic lid a little to early but another 5 minutes it was completely clear. In reality it wasn't a big deal. Note the thin line above the base dried quicker then the flat section. 

Once the glue has dried clear you are ready to replace your plastic insert. Place in place and press firmly. 

Now you are ready to reuse your container. Best part is that the BGE is waterproof which means you can wash your container ! How awesome is that! Go grab your bottle of glue and fix objects around the house! 

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Have a scrappy day!!
Chelsea :)

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