Friday, April 4, 2014

Upcycled Easter Basket

Hi ScraPerfect fans, Michelle here to show you how I turned an old 2 liter soda bottle into a cute DIY basket for Easter.

I made a couple of these with my daughters, my 6 year old used some washi tape on here and I thought what a great idea, so I created my own decorative basket.

 After you remove the label, trim the bottle down to the size you want.  I didn't measure, I just eyeballed what I thought was a good size.  Once trimmed, clean the inside to make sure that there's no sticky soda left in the bottle.  Now your left with the white seam where the label was attached to the bottle.  Nothing a little of the Best Cleaner Ever can't handle.  

After a spritz of the Best Cleaner Ever, just enough for a good coverage, rub it in with your finger.  Let it sit for a few minutes and you can gently scrape off the excess label and any remaining glue.  I used my finger nail to do a little gentle scrapping and when I was done the bottle was free of glue and excess label.


See, nice and clear, ready for some decorative elements.

  To create this look I covered the bottle with two colors of washi tape on a diagonal.  Then to hide the base and the rough top edge I used a couple border punches and attached them to the base using the Best Glue Ever.   I punched holes in the sides and added a pipe cleaner handle, yes, that's a pipe cleaner, then I wrapped it in a coordinating ribbon.  

Thanks for looking!


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