Monday, April 28, 2014

The practicality of The Best Glue Ever and Embllie Gellie large production

Hello everyone, Marilia Lopes with you again. 
Today I show you the practicality of using The Best Glue Ever and Embllie Gellie in making several calls. 
I cut all the templates in the Silhouette, this invitation consists of seven parts. 
In just one hour I was with all invitations are ready thanks to The Best Glue Ever and Embllie Gellie.

With just a drop of The Best Glue Ever the corners I glued most of this and all other with just a drop in the center of each piece.

To leave the tie in highlight and take an extra charm a drop of Best Glue Ever

With a stick cut a small piece of Embllie Gellie

Choose your Drew Drops,  and quickly you paste all one by one on each loop of 40 invitations

My cousin this thrilled with the birth of his first daughter and I made these invitations for the baby shower as a gift.

Have a nice day!!!

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