Sunday, April 20, 2014

Best Cleaner Ever : Food Coloring Help!!

Morning ScraPerfect Friends! Happy Easter ! Chelsea here! I have yet another helpful tip using the Best Cleaner Ever! This time in the kitchen! With some Easter treats prep I managed to dye my fingers! The Scientist in me had another Best Cleaner Ever test.

As you can see I have used hot pink food coloring! Look at the mess it left! This was a bit of a trial and error because I wasn't totally sure how long the Best Cleaner Ever would need to set to remove the stains. I repeated the process after about 15 minutes of letting it set. As I have said in previous posts / videos the Best Cleaner Ever needs time to set and the wait time depends on the item being removed and from what type of surface. Due to the skin being prorus I find it can take up to an hour for a full removal and as less as 15 minutes. Patients is key!

This doesn't limit to having food dye on your skin, if it drops on the surfaces of your kitchen the BCE can wipe that clean as well!

Due to testing what method works best, and time frame I tried twice with 2 different methods. First I sprayed on normally and let it set for 15 minutes. I would say appox. 85% was removed. Spray an even coat across the entire surface of my fingers. After the 15 minutes I used my fingers to rub at the stains and found this better then using paper towel. Something about skin to skin contact I find works best with the BCE.

If you notice the 3 fingers still have a tinage of color

Then the next 15 minutes I sat my fingers in a small tub with some BCE and that removed it completely! 

WOW! AMAZING! We can't limit the Best Cleaner Ever, the versatility is amazing!

Have a Happy Easter Weekend!

Chelsea :)

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