Tuesday, April 29, 2014

National Scrapbook Day is Coming!

This Saturday is National Scrapbook Day.  Are you ready?  Grab your bottle of the Best Glue Ever, your Perfect Crafting Pouch and Best Cleaner Ever and let's get busy!

Here's a layout to get started, albeit a few days early.  I love the Best Glue Ever for adhering all those hard-to-stick items including buttons and really thin cut outs.  The fine tip makes it easy to place the tiniest drop of glue on my pieces - and it holds beautifully!

What are your plans for National Scrapbook Day?

Monday, April 28, 2014

The practicality of The Best Glue Ever and Embllie Gellie large production

Hello everyone, Marilia Lopes with you again. 
Today I show you the practicality of using The Best Glue Ever and Embllie Gellie in making several calls. 
I cut all the templates in the Silhouette, this invitation consists of seven parts. 
In just one hour I was with all invitations are ready thanks to The Best Glue Ever and Embllie Gellie.

With just a drop of The Best Glue Ever the corners I glued most of this and all other with just a drop in the center of each piece.

To leave the tie in highlight and take an extra charm a drop of Best Glue Ever

With a stick cut a small piece of Embllie Gellie

Choose your Drew Drops,  and quickly you paste all one by one on each loop of 40 invitations

My cousin this thrilled with the birth of his first daughter and I made these invitations for the baby shower as a gift.

Have a nice day!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

How to Remove PERMANENT (Tuck) Tape: Easy and safe! (video)

Hi All--Amy Here!
While on spring break in Whistler, I found a roll of "Tuck Tape" on the ground. The warning inside the roll said: "Permanent usage only, may leave red residue if removed".

Always on the lookout for new challenges,
I put the Best Cleaner Ever™to the test:

What sticky situations do you need help with???

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hello Card

Hey ScraPerfect fans, Michelle here to share a cute card that can be used for any occasion.

I trimmed all my paper and adhered all the pieces using the Best Glue Ever.  

To add the butterfly chipboard pieces I first made some custom glue spots using the Best Glue Ever.  Use embellie gellie to grab the chipboard piece and attach to the card.

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fixing sunglass cases

Hey ScraPerfect fans, Steph here today using The Best Glue Ever to repair my sunglass case.

I've had this hard plastic case for awhile and it has taken a beating.  But it does protect my glasses.  Realizing that it could use some repairs, I pulled out The Best Glue Ever and got to work.  Just a few lines around the edge of the case is all that was needed.

I used some alligator clips to hold it in place while the glue set. 

Now the perfect case is good as new!

What have you used The Best Glue Ever on lately?  We'd love to know.

Thanks for stopping by today.


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Best Cleaner Ever : Food Coloring Help!!

Morning ScraPerfect Friends! Happy Easter ! Chelsea here! I have yet another helpful tip using the Best Cleaner Ever! This time in the kitchen! With some Easter treats prep I managed to dye my fingers! The Scientist in me had another Best Cleaner Ever test.

As you can see I have used hot pink food coloring! Look at the mess it left! This was a bit of a trial and error because I wasn't totally sure how long the Best Cleaner Ever would need to set to remove the stains. I repeated the process after about 15 minutes of letting it set. As I have said in previous posts / videos the Best Cleaner Ever needs time to set and the wait time depends on the item being removed and from what type of surface. Due to the skin being prorus I find it can take up to an hour for a full removal and as less as 15 minutes. Patients is key!

This doesn't limit to having food dye on your skin, if it drops on the surfaces of your kitchen the BCE can wipe that clean as well!

Due to testing what method works best, and time frame I tried twice with 2 different methods. First I sprayed on normally and let it set for 15 minutes. I would say appox. 85% was removed. Spray an even coat across the entire surface of my fingers. After the 15 minutes I used my fingers to rub at the stains and found this better then using paper towel. Something about skin to skin contact I find works best with the BCE.

If you notice the 3 fingers still have a tinage of color

Then the next 15 minutes I sat my fingers in a small tub with some BCE and that removed it completely! 

WOW! AMAZING! We can't limit the Best Cleaner Ever, the versatility is amazing!

Have a Happy Easter Weekend!

Chelsea :)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Foiled Again!

Deborah here, and I've got a fun way to jazz up your scrapbooking and card making by using foil.

I started out with this card to add to the title page of my  2013 album.  I used quite a few metallic cards from My Mind's Eye for this group and I'd been looking for something to add to the top pocket to finish it.  Although I matched the gold color on the rest of the cards, it just didn't look the same printed onto cardstock.

ScraPerfect's Designer Transfer Foil to the rescue! I used a fine brush and squeezed a bit of the Best Glue Ever onto a piece of wax paper. Then I carefully brushed the glue along the letters on the card. Since I was applying it thin, it dried very quickly to tacky.

Next, I took a piece of gold foil and placed it on my card (gold side up) and just rubbed. Much better!

And here's the finished card in my album -

Tip: if you're using the Best Glue Ever with a brush, make sure you have a bottle of the Best Cleaner Ever handy.  You want to clean your brush right away before the glue dries.  Just spray a bit of the Best Cleaner Ever in the palm of your hand and rub the brush into the cleaner using circular motion.  Then rinse the brush in water.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Totally Feminine!!!

Hello to all! 

Marilia Lopes with you, this dog appeared at the door of my house and stayed the whole day hiding behind trees 
In the late afternoon I managed to get close to him and make a caring, giving some food and water. 
I am passionate about dogs, have eight dogs here at home and could not take this. 
I found a home for him and he is happy with his new parents. 

I used The Best Glue Ever from ScraPerfect   to glue everything in my layout, all the strips of paper, Be sure  not to overuse the glue--with the flowers just a drop is enough.

I wish you all a Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Repairs and Tag Album Continues

Morning Everyone

 It's Glen here with the latest work I've done using the great items from ScraPerfect, but first an unfortunate accident has left the burlap panel collage I made a little damaged so it's time to use the Best Glue Ever with a few drops to the rescue.

 It was easy to place the frame and the drawer pull back in place using the Best Glue Ever and it's back in place in the hall where it reminds me of my trip to Paris.

 Next I moved on to the tag album "B"-sides of the tags I made in a previous post using Tim Coffey papers in a spring theme for the start of the growing season.

 I used the Best Glue Ever to adhere three sides of my dragonfly stamp to create a pocket for a two-sided tag I made about the male and female sides of Spring. Then using the the same techniques I made a seed packet and adhere it to the fern paper as well as my birdie stamp.

 Thanks for spending some time here with us and check back often to see whats new and be sure to check out the ScraPerfect website for great products!


Monday, April 14, 2014

Mini Easter Basket

Hey ScraPerfect fans, Michelle here to share with you how easy it is to add embellishments to a project using the Best Glue Ever and Embellie Gellie.

I made this mini Easter Basket, the perfect size for a small gift or gift card. 

I started with some pre-made glue spots made with the Best Glue Ever.  

 Use the Embellie Gellie to grab a flower and place on a glue spot.  Make sure the adhesive is pressed on the flower then use Embellie Gellie to lift the flower with adhesive.

Now place the flower on the Easter basket, the Embellie Gellie with release once the flower attaches to the paper.

Hope you have a Happy Easter!

Thanks for looking!


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Enjoy Today with the Best Glue Ever

Hey ScraPerfect fans, Steph here today using the Embellie Gellie and the Best Glue Ever on this card.

The Best Glue Ever was used to adhere the Dew Drops to the card.  Picking up each gem with the Embellie Gellie made it so much easier to add the finishing touches to this card.

The card itself uses the Cuttlebug embossing folder and Spellbinders Nestabilities along with a stamp from Marcs Finest Company.

Thanks for stopping by today.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Best Cleaner Ever : Stamp Removal from Skin

Hi! Chelsea here with a quick Best Cleaner Ever video! I simply LOVE the best cleaner ever because of all the uses it has. I shared a few weeks back about sharpie marks on skin, but what about those stamps you get after attending a theme park or festivals? They can be a pain, and take time to remove on there own with soap and water. Though with the Best Cleaner Ever you can have it removed within an hour! 

Check out the quick demo video of the Best Cleaner Ever in action! *NOTE : Depending on how long the stamp has been on your skin it may take a few applications - also needs time to soak in and lift the ink. Be patient!*

Thanks for stopping by the ScraPerfect blog! Let us know what you have used the Best Cleaner Ever on! We love to hear from you!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Feeling Golden

Here's a great way to stretch your supplies.  Do you like to die cut, punch out or otherwise cut paper? I sure do! I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out a large sunburst for a scrapbook page. After cutting I had two designs: the negative (left) and the positive that I was using on my page (right).

 It's a shame to waste all that paper by throwing away the negative portions.  You can easily use them  as a stencil! Normally I just lay the negative piece over my paper, however, this one has lots of points that didn't want to stay still, so I used a light coat of repositionable spray adhesive to tack them down. I then laid my tag on top of the sticky side then flipped it over. This kept the points where I wanted them.

Next step -  applying the Best Glue Ever. I used a foam brush with a pouncing motion to distribute the glue.  Here's the tag after the glue was applied:

I pulled out my bag of gold leafing and a stiff paintbrush.  After dropping some leafing on the tag I used the paintbrush to move the leafing over the tag.

After the tag gets coated with the leafing I use the brush and press down harder to burnish the leafing and remove any extra.  Here's a tip:  put a piece of paper underneath your project to catch the extra leafing. It makes it easier to shake the extra back into it's container.

And now the tag is ready for some embellishment...

I stamped a sentiment from this month's Cocoa Daisy kit, punched it out with a circle punch,  and attached it to the tag. Then I used a We R Memory Keepers punch to make the tag smaller.  I love this technique - the gold leafing really catches the light and turns an ordinary tag into something special.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Altered Spoon

Hello to all! 
Marilia Lopes with you again. 
I made this altered to decorate the kitchen of my mother, a wooden spoon, some flowers, MDF piece and of course, The Best Glue Ever from ScraPerfect.

After painting the piece of MDF with white acrylic paint and chalk from Prima, I applied Best Glue Ever™ to the back side.

I glued the piece of MDF onto wooden spoon and let it dry.

A lace organza ribbon, some Petaloo flowers (all glued with The Best Glue Ever of course), and voilá...
My spoon is ready!!!!