Sunday, March 23, 2014

How to Remove Sharpie, and Permanent Marker Stains with the Best Cleaner Ever.

Good Morning ScarPerfect Friends! Chelsea here, glad you can join us this morning! I hope where you are the sun is shinning and birds are chirping! It has been a long winter where I am located and this spring weather is a breath of fresh air! Let's jump into today's tip of removal of permanent marker! Grab your Best Cleaner Ever and get started!

We can all relate, and have experienced permanent marker situations where we wish we could remove it from an object. Look no further, the day has come thanks to Best Cleaner Ever! I will show 2 examples today on removing permanent marker from glass, and also from your skin! **NOTE : This has not been tested by me personally for clothing BUT I will be running a test and will post with the outcome!**

Lets get started!

This glass bowl has had "mike" written on it for the past 4 years! It has gone through the dishwasher a thousand times and has also been hand washed appox a thousand times as well. We have used Cascade, Lysol, Green Works, and Vim , and none has ever been able to remove the stained glass. As you can see overtime it's slightly faded but not by much. 

Let the Best Cleaner Ever work its magic...

Step 1 : Spray a good layer of Best Cleaner Ever over your item. Let sit for appox. 3 minutes.

Step 2 : Rub your finger over the area, you will see the permanent marker just wash away. AMAZING! Continue rubbing the entire area with your finger. You don't have to worry about the ink transferring to your skin because you have the Best Cleaner Ever acting as a guard to your skin.

Step 3 : Once your feel you have rubbed enough off with your finger take a piece of dry paper towel and rub the entire surface. As you can see all the permanate ink has melted away and is now left on your paper towel.

You will notice a slight ring of marker still around the groves of the letters. You can spray more Best Cleaner Ever, let set and use a dry abrasive such as a toothbrush to get in between the letters, or possible just let the Best Cleaner Ever sit a little longer. Just say my family is trilled to have saved one of our favorite glass bowls!!

Let move onto permanate marker on our hands! As you can see I have loaded up my hand with permanate marker! You may think I am crazy, but just wait until you see the results!

First off I wash my hands normally with soap and water. Some of the ink faded but not much, and as you can see some of the ink is on the paper towel that I dried my hands with.

Now for the Best Cleaner Ever! Spray a fair amount onto your hands. Let sit for several minutes. I would allow 3-5 minutes. Depends if it's fresh, or old. You will see immediately the ink begin to run, and pool.

As you can see the Best Cleaner Ever is eating away at the ink immediately and the ink begins to run off my hands. With your finger begin to rub over the inked areas. If it doesn't come off immediately don't worry, it just means you haven't let the Best Cleaner Ever sit long enough. If you need to repeat. In my case, I did repeat the steps one more time and let sit a couple of minutes. It can be a little of trail and error on the timing that help sad to let the Best Cleaner Ever sit but in the end the Best Cleaner Ever will always win!

I really hope this sheds some light on the vast amount of projects the Best Cleaner Ever is capable of doing, but also help save some of those precious items that may have gotten stained by ink, or permeate marker. This can relate to the craft world, especially those who stamp. We all know how tough Stazon is, and other permanent inks. Rubs some of the Best Cleaner ever on your stamps, and hands and watch the ink melt away!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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