Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How to Glue a Gorgeous Mini Album for a Gift

Amy here with a story....
The other day I received a question about the Best Glue Ever™ which started a series of long emails (and a developing friendship) and a chance to see some beautiful mini albums and how they were glued!

Hi! I know I should just go ahead and use your BEST EVER GLUE™ to bind my book, but I would still like your opinion before I do.

I am making a "One and Done" mini album found on Dawn's Inspirations YouTube channel . I have used your Best Glue Ever and your fine tip NO-CLOG WRITING CAP™ to mat all the pages and I'm so very pleased with how well they worked for that. The mats went on very neatly without any glue messiness and without any permanent disasters as with Scotch wet glue or even double-sided tape. Instead, your glue worked just beautifully. THANK YOU!

But now I'm about to layer the five sections of the album and to do that I need to glue each section on top of the next at the spine. I have used a heavy card stock for the base of each section. 

Will your glue hold five layers of heavy card stock, do you think?(I used to use Scor-Tape.)Each section will be used handled quite extensively, so it will need to hold up under heavy use. 

I love your glue. I'm so impressed with it at this point. It's just that I can't ruin this project. It's going to a my dear childhood friend who has been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. So I wanted your opinion if you don't mind.

                                Thank you so much!

And I wrote a long reply back:
"...Anyway, back to the glue. I am a crafter and not a salesperson, honestly. But, if I had to guess, I would think you can't find a better choice. You know how then you use pre-stuck embellishments like chipboard letters or epoxy stickers and over time they end up falling off? I always use the glue on them because it is so strong and things have never fallen off--even over time. Are you using it wet as opposed to applying it , letting it dry to clear and tacky, and then pressing it on? If so, I feel even more confident in saying so. If you don't want to take the chance, use whatever you think is better--but if it were me, I would use the Best Glue Ever™ and you are just asking my opinion.

By the way-- you could also check with Cassie Keith.  She has a huge mini-book following on Youtube and just started using the Best Glue Ever instead of tape. She always used the red-backed very tacky double sided tape and says she is TOTALLY in love with our glue."

In the next email, Karen explained that she loves making mini albums which she gives away as gifts. Most of them were work related (she’s the communications coordinator for Lutheran Indian Ministries)  so they are mostly Native American in style. She said she uses Smead Kraft legal-sized file folders for the construction of most of her books because it's a very sturdy card stock with a nice finish. I asked if she’d be willing to send an image that I could post. They are GORGEOUS!


Notice how she sews seed beads into the pockets and adds
ribbon and other "native" elements to the books.

Then I asked if she’d send a picture of the book she made for her friend. She agreed and added, “By the way, I used Best Glue Ever™ for the entire book!” 

 Karen ended with these comments about the BEST GLUE EVER:

ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever™ definitely holds up to its name! With just one 2 oz. bottle and the use of ScraPerfect's No-Clog Writing Cap™, I was able to create five 20-page journal books and another mini album design, plus create plenty of pockets and inserts, and I still have glue left over for future projects. I especially like how strong the glue holds up for binding and how neat my work turned out once I began covering my pages with designer paper. The writing cap allowed me to apply the glue right up to the edge of the paper without oozing or smearing and leaving messy smudges. What little excess there was--and only because I might've used more glue than I needed now and then--I was able to rub away with my fingertip or a pencil eraser with ease. Thank you so much, ScraPerfect! 

                    And thank you so much, Karen!

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