Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Super Easy Handmade Sympathy, and Birthday Cards

As I stand gluing, cutting and printing "Remember", I have been making many handmade sympathy, and birthday cards lately. In fact, so far this year, I think I've made almost as many sympathy cards as birthday cards.

Today, I made a card for one of my "old friends" who lost her mom this past week. Old friend as in I've known her since elementary school, I've known her so long--almost my whole life. Not old friend as in she's old herself.  I mean, she's the same age as me!

Then it hit me. It is my age.

I started to think...there is an age when many friends are getting married and we make many wedding cards. And then our friends have children and we make many baby cards. Then it's graduation cards for their kids. I realized that I am the age where many of my friends are losing their parents naturally to old age.

Of course, we still are making birthday cards for our friends (even if we're not writing that really big number on the front of the card--I mean, consider the alternative!)  In fact, today I made two cards--the sympathy card and a birthday card for another old friend from elementary school.

 I look forward to the day that the children of my friends have babies and I make baby cards once again. Yes, Simba, it's the cycle of life!

PS I used the Best Glue Ever to adhere all the flower embellishments. I used fun foam to make the "pop-dots" with Best glue Ever. I also used BGE with glitter on each of the happy birthday flowers on that I cut from a piece of flowery patterned paper. I don't think you can see much of the glitter on the photos but they each look just enough glittery to be sparkly-special. Though I used to use Stickles, I now use BGE and loose glitter because I love the way BGE dries so fast, whereas Stickles took forever to dry (and invariably got smeared)!

The black shiny dot in the center of the sympathy flowers is puff fabric paint though it looks like a small paper brad, but much less expensive!

QUESTION: I stand while I'm crafting--do you usually sit or stand?

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