Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How to Make a Unique Valentine Criss Cross Card

Hey ScraPerfect fans, Michelle here with a tutorial on how to make a unique Valentines criss cross card.  I made this card using this fun cowgirl paper line from Carta Bella to make this unique Valentine card, but the paper and the card could be used for an occasion.

Lets get started...


Start by trimming two pieces of cardstock that are 4 1/4" x 11" and score both at 5 1/2".  Once the pieces are scored, trim a diagonal cut from the bottom corner to the top score line.  Repeat for the second piece but the angles should be in the opposite direction.

Use the Best Glue Ever to attach one of the pieces to the other piece to make one long piece with two flaps.

Now trim your patterned paper to cover the diagonal flaps with.  To do this trim either one or two pieces that are 4" x 5" patterned paper (if you are using double sided paper and want to use both sides of the paper you will only need one piece, but two if you want to use the same side or if it is single sided paper).  Trim in half on the diagonal and attach to each flap using the Best Glue Ever.

Put a bit of the Best Glue Ever along the inside bottom of the card.

Fold one side flap over.  Place a bit of the Best Glue Ever on the inside of the second flap.

Fold over and attach to the other flap to create the "criss cross"


Trim a piece of cardstock to 4" x 5 1/2" and a piece of patterned paper to 3 3/4" x 5 1/4".  Round the top corners and attach the patterned paper to the cardstock using the Best Glue Ever.


Add a few spots of the Best Glue Ever to the front of the card.  Allow the glue to dry clear until it becomes tacky.

Once glue is tacky, use embellie gellie to attach flowers to the card.  Embellie gellie is great because it grabs the flowers and releases them once they attach to the glue.

Use embellie gellie to attach gems for the flower centers.

Add embellishments to the insert...

And here's the finished card with the insert in.  These cards are great for lots of occasions and are great for giving gift cards or tickets.

Thanks for looking!

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