Saturday, February 15, 2014

Here's How to Get Fingerprints off of Your Photographs.

Morning ScraPerfect Fans, Chelsea here showing you how to get fingerprints off of your photographs.  Last week I talked about the Perfect Cleaning Cloth from ScraPerfect and the verity of things I was able to clean with the cloth. To refresh your memory click here to be taken to the blog post. 

This week I like to share how gentle this cloth can be on photographs. We want to ensure our photos are free from dust, particles (glitter/powders/sanding dust) & fingerprints before we place them into our page protects and into our scrapbook albums. We want our photos to look there best when family and friends are flipping through the pages. 

It is easy to clean with the Perfect Cleaning Cloth, and what amazes me the most it is a universal cloth. It can be used as you saw last week with screen surfaces (ipads, iphones, computer monitors etc) but yet be so gentle and harmless on our precious photographs! Incredible, how many products can you say are tough, and gentle?  

**Tip : When cleaning photographs (or any surface) ensure your moving in circle movements to clean your objects. It leaves your projects / objects streak free.**

Quick and easy, in just a few circular motions the dust, dirt, fingerprints are lift from the surface of the photograph.

**TIP : Start from your top image and work your way down. This way the fist and/or hand is not touching the cleaned image accidentally.** 

Perfect results each and every time. Quick 5 minutes before popping it into your page protector.

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