Saturday, February 8, 2014

Video on How to Make a Bunch of Cards From One Sheet of Paper

Hi all- Amy here today with a Video on how to make a bunch of cards from one sheet of paper!

Last weekend, I was invited to a craft day where each person brought supplies and instructions for the group. I painted a Seahawks glass using oven-bake paint (GO HAWKS), made a beautiful pair of embossed metal earrings (more on that technique soon), and learned the One Sheet Wonder technique for cards.

The idea is to make 12 cards from one piece of 12" patterned  paper. You do need more supplies than that, but what I liked is that it's a quick jump starter and a great way to use odds & ends of supplies, and you do end up with a coordinated "set".

I explain the concept in this video and offer quick and inexpensive embellishment ideas that actually can be used on any cards.

The set would make a perfect donation for a silent auction, a nice gift for a friend--or perhaps have these cards on the ready if you needed a card quickly. (I like to have the person in mind when I'm making a card, but I could see how handy it could be to have a stack to choose from.)

Have you done the "One Sheet Wonder"? Any tips you'd like to share?

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