Monday, February 3, 2014

How to Clean the Dust From Electronic Devices

Happy Monday morning, 
Chelsea here to share how to clean dust from your electronic devices, with the Perfect Cleaning Cloth

This has to be my favorite item by ScraPerfect because I use this for ALL my cleaning projects from dust, to finger prints and given picking up glitter! This product is versatile then those cloths that comes with glasses, or cameras are put to shame! 

Let me show you some examples of before and after using the Perfect Cleaning cloth. You will be amazed!!! 

**These objects are real products from in my home , and are used on a daily basics. None of these objects were dirtied before my cleaning spree but was naturally found in there dirty state.**
This is a touch screen monitor, the Perfect Cleaning Cloth worked wonders on this surface. I find moving in small circles allows no striking. 

How about those smart phones tablets, even GPS of yours? We all know how many finger prints can land on those..Check these one out.

This GPS has dust on it, vs finger prints but the Perfect Cleaning Cloth will pick up dust as well.

Now for my absolute FAVORITE use , picking up glitter off my crafting table. 

I used the Perfect Cleaning cloth for all these surfaces without cleaning the cloth once. I went from figure prints, to dust , and than to glitter without changing or cleaning the cloth in between. When you are ready you can shake the cloth over the garbage can, hand wash it or throw it in the washing machine / dryer as the package indicates. It is recommended NOT to use fabric softer with the Perfect Cleaning Cloth. 

The possibilities are endless with this cloth, it is far from JUST a scrapbooking tool. The cloth can also be use to remove finger prints from photographes, as well as pick up embossing powder from paper / craft table as well. 

Try the Perfect Cleaning Cloth and be amazed at what it can do for you! 

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