Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How to Make a Egg Journaling Window: Easy for Easter! (Video)

Hi All- Amy here!

The holiday challenge we face every year is that we have to come up with new ideas for scrapbook layouts, titles and cards. To begin, I picked two pieces of patterned paper  that matched the photos and said "SPRING" to me.  (In reality, they said "IN BLOOM" in big pink letters at the bottom, so first thing I did was alter the paper!)

I wanted to create an egg embellishment, so the Best Glue Ever and Jacquard Pearl Ex powder beautifully transformed a plain pink paper oval frame. I cut a piece of vellum, added the story using a few EASY-PEASY computer "tricks"and the result was an Easter Egg-shaped Journaling embellishment.

Check out the video for easy    step-by step-instructions.

Use this technique for embellishments for cards and for other holidays, too.  Make a pumpkin for Halloween or a heart for Valentines Day, for example. 

What other shapes do you suggest?

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