Monday, February 24, 2014

Video on The Best Way to Remove Sticky Adhesive Residue

Morning ScraPerfect Fans, Chelsea here, and I wanted to talk about the best way to remove sticky adhesive residue. 

For years we all had to have different cleaners in our craft bag, one to clean ink, one to remove adhesive, one for this and that. Now with Best Cleaner Ever (BCE) we only have to carry one bottle with us that will take care of everything. 

When I first received the BCE couple years back in 2012 , I tried it on a heavy adhesive residue  on my new oven. At the time I was blown away , watch the video below to see what I mean!  

I was hooked once I tried it , I went around my house and cleaned everything! I had 2 year old adhesive on my front door from Christmas decorations that simply was to tough to remove. Though for the BCE it was breeze !

Another fabulous use for the BCE is stamps! It's amazing what this product can do to stamps and I am not talking about day old ink , I am talking about YEARS old ink. These stamps were appox 10 years old with ink and the BCE resolved it. TIP : leave the BCE for 30-45 minutes and then remove.

As tough on on removing adhesives, and inks it is also safe and gentle on our skin! How many times as crafters has your hands got sticky, or inked? For me it's to many to count! Though with BCE I can rub my hands with 2 sprays and just wash my hands in the BCE like I am using soap. 

This is what I love with all ScraPerfect products , it's tough on everything but so gentle at the same time. 

Thanks for stopping by the ScraPerfect blog today! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. 

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